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Should I Text Him? (And No, Don’t Try To Send an Accidental Text!)




And Why It’s Still Not Cool to Send an “Accidental” Text:

Most of us have been there. You met/hung out with a cute guy, you’re interested, and even though you know he has your number, you haven’t heard from him. It’s so frustrating, and can cause a mini-freak out (which we don’t recommend). Most of us can handle about 24 hours of this before we start to ask our girlfriends or roommates “Should I text him?” way too many times. Phone silence is brutal. Because texting is so accessible yet removed (no actual voice or face interaction), it’s easy to overstep texting boundaries.

Years ago, I liked this guy. He asked me out. We had a great first date just meeting for drinks, and an even better second date with an awesome post-date make out session. I was really into him. Until he never called or texted again. I was shattered. I was so confused. I couldn’t understand how I thought we had two amazing dates when he obviously didn’t think that at all. Out of pride, I refused to contact him. And I was right. I found out from a friend that he had a girlfriend that was out of town for the summer. He wasn’t contacting me because his girlfriend returned. I’d concocted a million reasons why I should text him, but luckily wise friends banned me from doing it. They were right. He... (cont'd)

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