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Why Has Halloween Become a “Slutty” Holiday?


Ah, Halloween is upon us. While it used to be about the ghouls, ghosts and black cats, it seems to be more about women dressing slutty. I hate even using that word. Unfortunately, it has become a Halloween cliche that a majority of women will wear a “sexy” version of an otherwise benign costume (ie. angel, nurse, maid). What happened to clever or original costumes?

I remember my sister telling me that while shopping for a Halloween costume for her 10-year old daughter she was pretty creeped out by the ‘sexiness’ of young girls’ costumes. As she told me, “No one needs to see that much skin or midriff on my 10-year old.” And I agree. Actually, everyone should agree. In fact, it makes me mad to think anyone a) makes these sexy young girl costumes and b) parents buy them. When did Halloween become a ‘dress in a ridiculously provocative manner’ night? It seems in the last 10 years, scary or clever morphed into slutty. I think it says something about where things are going in terms of women in the media and their portrayals. I think this has been influenced by sex tapes and reality television girls running around in bikinis, fighting, drinking and just an over sexualization of women in general.

I’m not trying to be Debbie Downer, and normally, if grown women want to run... (cont'd)

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