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What Men & Mortdecai Have in Common


imgresLast Friday the movie Mortdecai, starring Johnny Depp, came out. Although the previews have revealed nothing as to what this movie is about, we know that it sucks. Why? It’s January. January is traditionally a crappy time for new movies. The studios just released their Academy Award contenders and are focused on an awards season marketing blitz.  So rather than sending out a quality film in January, they release their awful films and just hope to make a few extra bucks off of them. Every Friday in January is a wasteland of movies you’d question even instant streaming on Netflix. Sadly, most of these movies started with great intentions. They may have movie stars (like Johnny Depp), a marketable concept (Jennifer Lopez as a cougar teacher – The Boy Next Door), or a movie no studio exec will admit to greenlighting. Either way,  good intentions and talented people often make up the crap of January movie releases. But as I lament that my Johnny Depp crush is officially over, I realize how many dates and relationships are really January releases. They sound like a really good idea in theory but in the end, just have you asking yourself what was I thinking?

I used to work for a production company part-time over the holidays. I’d show up at the beginning of December, be around long enough to get invited to the holiday party, and then disappear before the 25th.  Not a bad gig, and not a... (cont'd)

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