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Do You Have a Wedding Pinterest Board and Are Not Engaged? Congrats! Everyone Else Does Too.


pinterest-weddingRemember some time back when Pinterest allowed us to make secret boards? I’m convinced it was for all the women pinning to their wedding board even if they were single or in a relationship but not engaged. I’m not alone. According to an article in the New York Times,

The Internet has made it easier to plan and plot weddings in private.” Anja Winikka, the director of TheKnot.com said, “I think women love the anonymity of visiting a wedding site instead of buying a magazine and having it anywhere in sight of your boyfriend or a guy you are dating.” 

Maybe this is nothing new. Women have been stashing their bridal magazines the way men used to stash their Playboys for years. (All of which probably ended in the mid 90s.) And I understand why. When I was in high school, my best friends’ older brother was pretty hot, graduated from college and was living with his girlfriend, Shauna. (At 15, the lives of 22-year olds was very fascinating.) I never met Shauna, but I heard all about her from my best friend – who was not a fan. One day my best friend was looking for something in her brother’s apartment and found an old suitcase filled with a stack of bride magazines. We were shocked that Shauna was picking out wedding dresses. Her brother never proposed and we found out later, never... (cont'd)

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