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A Girl Walks into a Bar on Valentine’s Day…


My Tinder Bender- Date #59- Valentinder Day

With over 3000 Facebook friends, it was hard NOT to notice Valentine’s Day. Everyone was eager to share their love or hate for the day. When I think of Feb. 14th, I think $$$$$$ cuz it’s a solid night to score comedy gigs. If you’re in a relationship, you know you have to do something that night. Might as well listen to me talk about dick pics.

But when my show is done, and I find myself in Leslieville, an area where I still have so many bars to discover, I know I need to open Tinder. Tonight of all nights must be flooded with singles swiping. It’s like Tinder Sweeps. I decide to change my matching preferences to someone who’s less than 2km away, cuz I really want to stay in this hood. My bumble to find a good bar has to be short cuz it’s facking freezing out. My first stop is Bill Hicks Bar. A drunk couple comes flying out the door, holding hands and practically captures me like a surprise game of Red Rover. They didn’t apologize either, making me fear the bar might be full of douches. I creep up the stairs into the bar. It’s definitely cool inside, but no seats at the bar. Plus maybe not the sort of place I feel like being solo in. I decide to leave and find another bar.

A couple blocks (and

... (cont'd)

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