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Do Men Not Have Time to Date?


onlinedatingLast year I wrote a post after hearing a young, New Yorker reality show woman say “dating is a little bit obsolete.” I don’t believe it really is. Just because we no longer like using the word ‘date’ or ‘dating’ doesn’t mean the entire concept is obsolete. However, I do think everyone (and the data points to the Millennials) is getting lazier about dating. Case in point?

There is now a new online service (personaldatingassistants.com) that writes and manages your online dating profile. As if sitting down at your computer and having hundreds of profiles of available people at your fingertips wasn’t hassle free enough, apparently people are too busy to write or look after their own profiles. I think this sounds like complete bullshit and anyone who would pay someone to do this – well, I need to come up with some silly idea that they would pay me to do. But am I surprised that someone is trying to find a new way to make the basic principle of dating complicated? No. According to an article in England’s Daily Mail about the site,

The online ghostwriting and profile management service for men markets itself as ‘dating, done for you’ and even promises to land you two to eight guaranteed dates per month – depending on how much you’re willing to fork out. 

Speaking about Personaldatingassistants.com, founder Matthew Valentines

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