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Everything You Need to Know About Tinder!



Our favorite singleton, comedian, blogger and fearless Canadian friend, Christina Walkinshaw finished her year-long Tinder challenge to go on 50 first dates. Whether she was Tindering in her hometown of Toronto, or Nashville, Boston, Maui, Vancouver and even more other cities, Christina bravely shared all the details. So we were wondering what were the big lessons she learned? What does one learn about dating, others and themselves going on a Tinder date a week for an entire year? And what makes a girl swipe right (Tinder’s way of a “like” or thumbs up on someone’s profile)? Read on for Christina’s inside tips, suggestions, insights and learn about the front line of modern dating!

- Claudia


What is Learned From Going on a Tinder Date a Week for a Year?


1. How did the idea to go on 50 first Tinder dates happen?

Totally by request, actually. At first, I just went on Tinder for my own curiosity. Then after 5 dates, I was like “I should be writing about this.” Then I was just going to blog one week of dates, (hence the lame name of my blog “My Week on Tinder.”) Then the blog got a cute little following, and people said “KEEP GOING!” So I randomly said, “I’ll go on 50 first dates then, cuz... (cont'd)

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