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Does Your Relationship Have the Awesomeness Factor?



The Science of Awesomeness in Relationship Success

Recently I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Freakonomics, when they hosted a live game show/talk show, “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” where guests would try to impress judges with things they didn’t know. One of the guests, Melissa Schneider, a dating and relationship counselor told the judges about something very interesting. Basically, researchers really want to know what makes couples stay together or breakup. What makes a successful couple? Well, did you know you need to have the awesomeness factor? I’ll let Melissa explain…

“So people always want to know what should I be looking for in an early dating relationships, what predicts that it’s going to be successful or breakup? There’s great research done in 2010, looked at 37,000 dating couples in different countries, and they looked at 30 factors that had been studied at least four times to figure out like what actually matters? What makes a difference in who stays together and who breaks up. And the number one factor was a big surprise to everyone conducting the study. It wasn’t commitment, or love, or trust, or the things that you’d expect. It was something called the “awesomeness factor.” That’s what I call it. It was actually called “positive illusions… but I like to call it the awesomeness factor because the

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