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3 Hits of Ex: what you can learn from how a guy handles a breakup


Communication between women and men can still resemble man’s first contact with fire. Women still gather in groups trying to help a tribe member decipher the meaning of what some guy did/said.

Some guys are good, some guys are sneaky little snake-in-the-grass mutherfuckers. Finding out which you have can be tough. Often times, it isn’t till it’s over and that hindsight rule kicks in that you figure it out.

Finding out exactly how a man feels about, and how often he has contact with, his ex will tell you volumes.

If a guy has nadda to show from 30 years of dating and never speaks of his exes, and if so very unkindly, you know you’re with the cut off guy. When you’re still together this guy may be great, and generally gives his all. However, no matter how respectful the split, he will withdraw emotion and contact the way one closes a bank account and never looks back. Yes, you’ve been together forever and you are also best friends, no matter.  The cut off guy is a jerk, be emotionally prepared to NEVER speak to this guy again. Ever.

Does your guy have pics of him and his ex on that one vacation somewhere in his computer but hasn’t looked at it in years? Perhaps he has something crafty the bitch made him somewhere under a pound of man dust. If his ex is married but they’re still friends on facebook… he’s the golden boy. Respectful enough of times shared that he doesn’t try to wipe her from existence, but detached enough so there’s plenty of room for you.

If the motherfucker is roommates with his ex, run.  Meet shit head guy. He has clear boundary issues and will not tell you that he still boinks her from time to time because “you never asked”, Fuck Fuck Fuck this guy. A year down the road you’ll be desperately trying to put the space you need between you and this pretty boy (these ones are usually pretty), and he will make it hard by constantly pretending to be golden boy so he can forever have a set of keys to your panties.

Yes these are three broad generalizations but that don’t mean it ain’t so. Go ahead, if you can stomach it, stroll down memory lane. Which of the three categories does your ex fit in?


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