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4 Reasons Why Jake Ryan is the Modern Day Mr. Darcy


Mr. Darcy. Jake Ryan. Two fictional characters that make women of all ages swoon, and with good reason. Both are handsome, wealthy and most importantly, they are good men. The best of men. I’ve loved them both with a devotion that may have hindered my actual love life because I held normal, mortal (non-fictional) men up to their standard of perfection. Really, how is any high school boy supposed to live up to Jake Ryan? There are a lot of wonderful men out there, but who isn’t going to seem like a bit of a Zero compared to Darcy?

Eventually, I got realistic about dating and relationships, and with a little distance and real world experience, I finally realized that if I ever wanted a boyfriend in the real world, I’d have to stop holding potential suitors up to such impossible standards.  Recently, I realized that I had not been in love with two fictional characters – I had been in love with the same fictional character. Because upon reflection, Jake Ryan and Fitzwilliam Darcy are sort of the same guy – sure, one is a 19th century English aristocrat while the other is a high school student in the Chicago suburbs  in the mid 1980’s, but other than that, they have a lot in common.  Let’s take a closer look at the parallel lives of Mr. Darcy and Jake Ryan.

1. Incredibly wealthy

Darcy:  Mr. Darcy owns Pemberley which is not your average country estate. When all of the characters in the book, all of whom have leagues of servants themselves, are drooling over his crib, you know it is impressive.

Jake:  I knew some rich kids in high school, but having a dad with a Rolls Royce was fairly uncommon.  Not to mention the beautiful Porsche convertible that Jake rocked.

2. Dim-witted friends

Darcy:  Darcy has Bingley, who while lovely and sweet, doesn’t appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed.  Bingley seems genuine and simple, which works well for the unemployed artistocracy.

Jake:  Jake’s closest friend appears to be a big, dumb jock whose only lines of dialogue revolve around Caroline’s awesome tits and Samantha’s smallish ones.

3. Annoying and sabotagey women in their life named Caroline
Darcy: Bingley’s sister Caroline, in “Pride and Prejudice” does her best to sabotage Bingley and Jane’s burgeoning love, persuade Mr. Darcy of Elizabeth’s commonness, and all the while wanting Darcy for herself.

Jake: Jake’s high school girlfriend Caroline, while undoubtedly the hottest girl in school, also gets blind drunk, trashes his house, blacks out, sleeps with dorky freshmen, and says things like “I can name 20 guys who would kill to love me.”


4. Honorable Acts

This last category is, of course, the most important. What makes both Darcy and Jake Ryan the ultimate dreamboat is not their wealth or status, it is that in spite of being popular and wealthy, they are both honorable men.

Darcy:  Mr. Darcy saves the Bennett name by forcing Mr. Wickham to marry Elizabeth’s younger sister Lydia, and pays off Wickham at great expense to himself. Not to mention, Darcy convinced Bingley that Jane loved him which resulted in their engagement.

Jake:  Jake Ryan gets Samantha’s panties back from the Geek, saves her from her sister’s wacko drugged out wedding, and buys her a birthday cake. So instead of having to attend the most awkward wedding reception of all time, she gets to kiss her dream guy before blowing out the candles.



So yes, perhaps the Washington Post is right, and maybe Jake Ryan is an unattainable type of man. And true, if you’re holding out for a Darcy, you may miss the One that is right in front of you. But both of these characters will always hold a special place in my heart.


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  1. March 28, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    This is great! I always loved Sixteen Candles now I know why.
    I whole heartily agree that Jake Ryan is Mr. Darcy!

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