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7 Great (and in no way cheesy) love songs


Of all the songs ever written, I’d venture to say that at least half of them are about love. Be it new love, old love, unrequited love, obsessive love, long-term love.. If there is a type of love, there’s a song about it.

Let’s face it, songs about happy love can get a bit sappy. It is much easier to write a non cheesy song about heartbreak than it is to write one about being in a good relationship. Though I am the resident non-romantic, I’m not opposed to some sappiness in my life. I have a show tunes playlist and I’m not afraid to use it. Yes, I can handle a little cheese in my love songs, but for those of you who are totally lactose intolerant in your music, here are a few love songs to fall in love with.

1. La La Love You by The Pixies: This was the first Pixies song I ever heard and it is still one of my favorites. The sentiment is so pure and jubilant, but because it is the Pixies, it still totally rocks.

2. It’s A Motherfucker by The Eels. Who would have thought a song with so many f-bombs could be so wonderfully sweet?

3. Sea of Love by Cat Power. I actually love the original version, but as song by the maven of melancholy any sappiness is stripped away. I love the juxtaposition between the sadness of her delivery and the lightness of the lyrics.

4. Into My Arms by Nick Cave: Some might actually find this ballad a little cheesy. Nick Cave is a general bad ass and his voice is all scotch and no soda. Also, given the atheistic bent to the song I think it avoids cheesiness. And the writing is just smart and lovely

I don’t believe in an interventionist God

But I know, darling, that you do

But if I did I would kneel down and ask him

Not to intervene when it comes to you.

Not touch a hair on your head

Leave you as you are

And if he felt he had to direct you

Then direct you into my arms.

I mean, come on!

5. Swords by Rilo Kiley: This song is about struggling to write a love song without being cheesy. It is Jenny Lewis’ vocals, so you know it is adorable. But the cute is undercut by lyrics like “Aw fuck it, here’s your love song”.

6. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend by The Ramones: I think it is hilarious that the Ramones are considered a punk band because they sound so poppy and accessible to a modern ear that it sounds like golden oldies even though it was written in 1975.

7. I Want More by Nina Simone: There is nothing, absolutely nothing, cheesy about anything Nina Simone ever did. Which is why her ‘happy’ love songs still have a bite to them. I Want More is an awesome love song because it talks about how much sweeter love is when you’ve experienced some pain. And it is a pretty damn sexy song too.

What have I missed? I’d love to add to the list.


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