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A Wedding Do NOT Playlist Conundrum


url-2Not long ago I wrote an article noting that your wedding day does not just belong to you, but to a host of other people as well. I also commented that it would be impossible to please everybody, so just do the best you can. Lately, I find myself struggling to take my own advice, and over a seemingly simple concern:

The music.

Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about the music that will be used for the actual ceremony. My mother has a better grasp of “church music” than I do and I’m happy to hand over the reins in that respect. No, I’m talking about the all-important reception music. The music that will set the tone for the party part of the wedding. That is what is stressing me out.

“Elisabeth,” you may be thinking. “Seriously? Of all of the things that should stress you out about your wedding, you’re worried about the MUSIC? I’d be more concerned that you haven’t decided on centerpieces yet.”

First of all, thanks for that added stress! And, yes, I am particularly concerned about the music. I’ve been to some weddings that have been completely dragged down by a bad DJ. I’ve yet to meet anyone that actually wants to do the chicken dance and, yet, it persists throughout time. Why? Bad DJs.

We have already put “The Chicken Dance” on our Do Not Play list so, hopefully, we can avoid the tragic sight of our friends and family miming wings with their elbows. That was an easy one. However, that may have been the only easy one (okay, The Electric Slide was a no brainer, too). Musical taste is very personal and specific. Everyone has something that they like and something that they don’t like. I may catch some heat for this, but my fiance and I both truly dislike country music. The problem? We’re from the midwest where there are more country music stations than there are stars in the sky. I’d like to nix 90% of country music from the reception playlist (Taylor Swift, you can stay), but I know that won’t be an especially popular decision.

The musical dilemma also causes us to examine popular music versus appropriate music. My fiance and I went to college together and many of our college pals will be at the wedding. Naturally, there are some songs that remind us of a special time. However, do we really want our grandparents dancing to Usher’s “Yeah!” or the Bloodhound Gang’s “Bad Touch”?

Perhaps I’m overthinking this. It really is one of my specialties. Have you, dear reader, ever run into something like this? I want to avoid alienating everyone, but I also want to avoid boring them as well. After all, how many times can you hear “What a Wonderful World”? Maybe the best solution to this conundrum is to take my own advice and hope for the best. Play “Yeah!” but bookend it with “The Way You Look Tonight” and “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Coming in September 2013…the weirdest wedding mix ever.


Elisabeth Fitzgerald

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  1. April 3, 2013 at 10:33 am

    My cousin, was married in 2003, chose several songs in the Usher/Bloodhound Gang category for his wedding reception. It was super awkward for me to sit at the table populated completely with older relatives watching my cousin, his new wife, and their extremely drunk friends grind on one another throughout the evening. Of course, this same cousin chose to incorporate the theme from Shaft into his ceremony. To each his/her own!

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