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Ads that made me smile


I  have written a number of times about the deceptive, disappointing and downright idiotic marketing being forced upon us in magazines, on TV and all over the internet. Photoshopping has become so heavy handed that often times the famous spokesperson hired to shill the product either looks inhuman, unrecognizable or just plain unattractive.
My favorite new ridiculous product that is being marketed is the Bic ‘for her’ pen. NPR lampooned this delicate pink writing utensil wonderfully. Thank goodness I have this diminutive pink keyboard on which to type otherwise my dainty lady fingers might not be able manage it! Sometimes it seems like the folks in marketing are still living in the Mad Men era, at least when it comes to reflecting social changes. But not all of them. As much as there is to complain about in corporate America (I’m looking at you Chick-fil-a) not all ads are terrible. Here are just a few I’ve recently seen that made me smile, and actually reflect that some things in society are changing for the better.
TARGET: That’s Love
A few years back I had to boycot Target because they gave money to an anti gay/equal rights candidate. We can officially put that behind us. I love this ad. Target isn’t the only mainstream company featuring same sex couples in their ads. JC Penny recently featured a lesbian couple and The Gap had a cute picture of two young dudes sharing the same shirt with the caption ‘Be one’. The Target ad is my favorite though because the message is totally and unambiguously celebrating this real life couple.
A sexy man shilling booze is nothing new. Mostly, I like this for its value as eye candy. It is worth mentioning, however, that the ad is tailored to a mainstream, upscale consumer. There was a time, not so long ago, when the only black men featured in ads were professional athletes selling sports related gear to young men, or the ads were tailored to the ‘urban’ market. (please note I’m using the term ‘urban’ with all the disdain it deserves. I live in an urban setting, so technically I am Urban. Somehow, thats not what they mean by the term.) This ad is timeless and sexy and could easily be featuring George Clooney. But it isn’t and it’s about time. Plus… Though I’m not a big gin drinker, I’ll drink to Idris. Yum.
DC KIDS: Valentina Guerrero
This is the first major ad campaign where the model is a person with Down Syndrome, but one can only hope it won’t be the last. Valentine is such a gorgeous little girl and it is so great to see her beauty being celebrated, even if it is to sell swimsuits.


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