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An Apple a day keeps the sex away: Would you trade sex for…?


My guy has a pure and geeky devotion for all things Apple. As much as I like to tease him about his near fetishistic love of Apple products, I’ll admit I benefit from it daily. Not only do I get his cast-offs when Apple puts out the next gen of their laptop/ipad/iphone/iWhatever making the model that came out a year or so before clearly inferior and he decides he absolutely has to get it, but he actually knows how to use all the bells and whistles. As such, not only can I control the TV and stereo from my iPhone, I can control thermostat with it as well. Do I think such things are necessary? Not really. But they are nice. And more importantly, they give my guy such joy. He looks forward to the Apple keynotes the way most kids look forward to Christmas. It is really nerdy and super cute.

Recently he forwarded a link from one of his nerdblogs about a quiz given to 800 men tracking their excitement about the much speculated over iPhone 5. Over 10% of the men in the survey said they would give up sex for a month in exchange for getting the new iPhone early. I was a little shocked. Over 10%? Aren’t men supposed to be sex obsessed? Apparently 11% prefer gadgets to women (or men). For the record, my guy made it clear to me that he was not one of the 11%, which I greatly appreciate. But if he’s honest, I bet it was a close call.

I started to get really judgey of these guys, until I realized that though my girlfriends might not give up sex for the new iPhone, a few might happily enter a month-long sex hiatus for a free pair of genuine Louis Vuitton shoes. I think I have a healthy sex drive and I am very attracted to my guy, but I also have a 6 month old baby. Since his arrival there have been many nights (okay weeks) that I would (okay did) forego sex in favor of going to sleep. But to me, that’s different. That’s not foregoing sex for a material possession. But then I thought about it again. Sometimes I fantasize about going to a hotel all by myself, reading my book, ordering room service and sleeping for 12 hours straight. Would I give up sex for a month for that? I would seriously consider it. We all have our soft spots. For my guy, and many like him, it is Apple products. But how about you?

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P.S. As is my habit, whenever I write about my guy, I read the post to him before I publish it to give him opportunity to object. Here is one case where he decided to exercise this right. He wants me to make it clear that it was not, in fact, a close call between sex and the new iphone. He claims that sex will win every time. Duly noted.


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