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An Eyre Affair To Remember


By now, most of you know if it ever came down to a Bronte/Austen cage match, I’ll be firmly on the side of Team Austen. This being the case, Jane Eyre is definitely my favorite of the Bronte’s works.  There have been so many film and TV adaptations recently, when I heard they are about to release another, I felt a little meh. But the more I learn about this particular adaptation, the more interested I’ve become.

First of all, director Cary Joji Fukunaga is not an obvious choice, but certainly an intriguing one. The other movie he’s known for is Sin Nombre. And let’s remember, when Ang Lee was chosen to direct Sense and Sensibility, he was an unconventional choice, but we all know how awesomely that turned out. After watching this interview with Cary, I’m pretty sold.

Then there’s the lovely and talented Mia Wasikowaska, who was by far my favorite part of The Kids Are Alright, and is a fabulous choice to play the eponymous character. She brings a great mixture of fragility and determination to the roles she plays, which I think will be great for Jane. Also, she looks appropriately young, which I think is an important element. Though Mia is a pretty girl, she’s more interesting than traditionally beautiful. I’m so glad they didn’t cast Keira Knightly or some other stunner and then just put her in a frumpy dress to make her ‘plain’. This way I won’t have eye strain from all my eye rolling.

Far be it for me to recommend a movie I haven’t yet seen, but I’m just saying… I know one thing I’m doing this weekend.
(And just to super dork out, after watching the movie, I just might re-read Jasper Fforde’s hilarious book The Eyre Affair in which Jane Eyre gets kidnapped out of the novel and held for ransom. God I love that book)


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