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Back to the future?


Lately I’ve been having these super annoying dreams where I realize I never graduated high school and I have to go back and finish my senior year. In these dreams, it is always the day of finals, and I haven’t attended a single class or read a single book and I’m terrified that my teachers are going fail me and I’ll be stuck in high school for yet another year. When I wake up from these dreams, I’m always flooded with an overwhelming sense of relief. I know that a lot of people have these too – they’re fairly textbook anxiety dreams – but the fact that they’re common doesn’t make them any less awful.

A few nights ago I had another one. In this dream I was running around the entire school trying to figure out what classes I was taking, and where they were.  I finally found one of my classrooms, I burst in and started pleading with the teacher to pass me. When I woke up, my back drenched with sweat, I thought, “I wouldn’t go back to high school for all the money in the world.” But it did get me wondering. High school is not a time I think about much, at least not consciously, so why have I been dreaming about it so much? What is it about those four years of high school that loom so large in our psyches? And what would it take to make me go through it all again?

Let’s say it was somehow possible to send myself back to high school, is there an amount of money substantial enough to temp me? Of course, I’m not talking about some Never Been Kissed scenario where I could go going back knowing what I know now, I mean really going back and reliving high school with all the drama, awkwardness, insecurity and acne. How much would it take? And let’s up the ante… let’s say that not only would have have to return to the clueless 13 year old Megan that I was and do high school all over again, but when I got back, I’d be four years older. Now is there any amount of money that could get me to do it? For me, that’s a whole different ballgame (not to mention the stuff of nightmares).

So what about you? If you could magically be transported back to the ‘you’ you were in high school and relive it, but without being any wiser or more prepared than you were then, and when you got back you’d remember it all and be 4 years older, would you do it?

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