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Best Advice for Brides


how-to-hire-a-wedding-photographer0930-h724I recently ran into an old co-worker and discovered we both got married around the same time. Our conversation quickly turned into hearing details of each other’s wedding. With the benefit of hindsight we described what we would have done differently and what advice we’d give to a bride planning her wedding.

The biggest takeaway?

Trust your gut when choosing vendors.


A few hours before my rehearsal dinner, I completely freaked out. I wasn’t nervous about the actual I do’s. I was afraid I had forgotten to organize or coordinate some detail of the wedding that would prove disastrous the following day. I was slowly turning into the Bridezilla I swore I would never become. After the rehearsal dinner, I was regaling some of my friends about my midday meltdown when of my married girlfriends shared some great advice, “You’ve done everything you can do. Tomorrow, all of the professionals that you’ve hired will show up and do their job. So trust that you’ve hired professionals. All you can do now is relax and enjoy it.” And she was right. I felt very confidant in who we’d hired, and it allowed me to relax and enjoy our beautiful wedding. And luckily only my sister saw my Bridezilla moment.

Why? Because I trusted my vendors. Vendors and the services they provide on the wedding day are integral. So feeling comfortable and confident with their abilities gives brides a peace of mind like no other on the big day. Picking vendors is a little like dating. You go in with high expectations and secretly hope that each one is the one. Some will be amazing and some are just meh. (continue reading on HuffingtonPost Weddings…)


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