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Best Movies That Allow Women to Perv on Men


We’ve heard it before – men are more visual than women. This explains their very obvious ogling of a pretty girl even when they are with a pretty girl.  That being said, women do notice men. We just seem to be better at hiding it (What? Women are generally more subtle than men? No, this is shocking news! Insert sarcasm font here). Or maybe we just keep it amongst ourselves. I was chatting with a girlfriend that lives on the beach with her husband and toddler son.  She works from home – but who wouldn’t when your front door faces the Pacific Ocean? She was telling me how the surfers pull up right in front of her house and get into their wetsuits and later rinse off.  Yada, yada yada, before we knew it we were having a rather pervy discussion about these surfers.  I may have asked her to take photos and text them. Okay I did. But we thought it was funny. Okay, kind of funny, maybe more pervy and stalkerish.  It was all in jest, but I was flooded with memories of my love for all things Point Break - and hot boys in wetsuits.  I was thinking how there are so many iconic scenes that are famous for an uber-sexy woman scene that men will always remember. Ursula Andress coming out of the water in Dr. No (later repeated almost as hotly by Halle Berry in Die Another Day), Phoebe Cates coming out of the pool in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Carrie Fisher in that weird, metallic bikini in Return of the Jedi, etc.  The list for men goes on and on, yet I don’t think women share such iconic scenes together. Or maybe we do – but subtly, and don’t discuss them as often.  So I wanted to make a list for the ladies.  Because women are visual, maybe not as much as men, but we notice everything.  The difference between men and women is usually women like to see a little less. Sexy abs and we’re all good. Great arms and chest? Good. Sometimes just a fit guy in a great t-shirt and jeans? Done.
Here is my initial (and please remind me of all the ones I’m forgetting) list of our memorable super hot images of men from films that we all remember and subtley perv on.

1. Point Break
My favorite scene was after Johnny and Bodie fight off the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the beach and walk discussing, um, I don’t remember. I just remember Patrick Swayze and Keanu looking hot.

2. Top Gun
Volleyball scene. Best girl-porn of hot bodies ever. Cheesy scene, cheesy music, over-the-top shirtless man action. Perfect.

3. Thelma and Louise

I discovered the hotness of Brad Pitt at a slumber party and rewound the scene of Brad Pitt shirtless teaching Geena Davis how to rob a liquor store over and over and over. He’s been hot many more times (like all of Fight Club), but this was the moment of discovery.

4. Reign of Fire

A super cut Christian Bale fighting a super-cut Matthew McConaughey over their tactics for fighting dragons? Sounds stupid? It is, except for that first part I mentioned. And even though it’s set in some futuristic England, I was disappointed they couldn’t fight with their shirts off more.

5.  Summer Olympics 2004 – US Swim Team (well, most of the swim teams)
Megan and I weren’t proud of our perving on swimmers, but it happened. Kind of a lot. We actually like to watch all the swim events, but their amazing bodies don’t hurt. And f**k the 2008 Olympics for creating those half wetsuit/body suits that don’t allow for proper indescent luring at young men.

6. Amityville Horror
I thought Ryan Reynolds was some goofy dude until I saw this movie in the theater. And just because a man gets possessed by his devil house and tries to kill his family doesn’t mean he isn’t really hot when his possession makes him take his shirt off. A lot.

7. The Notebook
Wet Ryan Gosling. Need I say more? (although shirtless in Crazy Stupid Love gets a shout out too)

8.  Out of Sight
George Clooney seducing Jennifer Lopez – I think I prefer him pulling her into the bathtub, but when they slowly undress while intercutting with the conversation… hot. Very hot. Basically if this movie is ever on tv, I watch to this scene and that’s it. I think I’m revealing that I have no shame.

9. Any Jason Statham movie

Because who’s watching them for the plot? Seriously this man has two talents: a cheeky attitude and the way he looks.  I’ve also found ways to weave Jason Statham into my blog since he randomly receives a ton of hits.


2 Responses to “Best Movies That Allow Women to Perv on Men”

  1. November 2, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    Totally Agree. Remember seeing Harry Connick Jr. sign CDs in Sydney. All he had on was a white t-shirt and jeans. Very hot!

  2. November 3, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Please add Dermet Mulroney in The Wedding Date & Timothy Olymphant in Justified on FX. Great show and he’s shirtless in almost every episode.

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