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Comedy cagematch: Bridesmaids vs The Hangover 2


At the risk of sounding like even more of a feminist killjoy than I did two weeks ago when I wrote my open letter to every guy with whom I’ve ever seen a rated R-Comedy in the theater, I’d like to take this opportunity to give another shout out to Bridesmaids because the ladies held over in their second week better than the original Hangover.

Since The Hangover 2 comes out today, I figured we should see how the reviews are stacking up…

If you put any stock in the aggregate critical power of Rotten Tomatoes, (Bridesmaid is at 89%, and The Hangover 2 is clocking in at 31%)  Bridesmaids is 53% funnier. Yes I know HO2 made 10 million on it’s first day in Midnight screenings, will probably crush all comedy records for all time , and it’s box office total will make Bridesmaids’ take seem more anorexic than LeAnn Rimes at a basketball game
but no matter how much HO2 makes in its opening weekend, I’ll still consider Bridesmaids the belle of the ball. And as as crappy, rushed sequels are the ultimate sign of an original film’s success…  I’m totally looking forward to being disappointed in BM2!

Bridesmaids Outtakes – watch more funny videos

(If you don’t see a video of Bridesmaids outtakes above, refresh your browser and it should appear)


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  1. June 4, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    I saw both films and thought that Bridesmaids was funnier. While the plot wasn’t all that original, it made it that much more enjoyable when you put humor in an ordinary situation. I mean, when has planning a wedding been at it’s most humorous?

    The Hangover Part 2… A carbon copy of the first. Same jokes, same plot, same characters. Only, everything is is Thailand. Whoopie? It’s not that it isn’t likeable or funny, it’s just the fact that we’ve heard and seen it all before. In the original, no less.

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