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Can Women Be Hot & Funny?


Having done standup for years, I’ve heard the statement “women aren’t funny” more times than I care to repeat. I think this statement is stupid and ludicrous, and with the success of “30 Rock,” “Bridesmaids,” Chelsea Handler, the two-network assault of Whitney Cummings, I don’t think anyone really buys this crap anymore. However, the issue does still come up often, creating news pieces and pissing off women in general.

A few years back Christopher Hitchens wrote his controversial article about “why women aren’t funny” asserting that men need to make women laugh to charm, attain or win them – while women don’t need this trait at all, and thus don’t cultivate it.  He also said atrocious things like, “There are more terrible female comedians than there are terrible male comedians, but there are some impressive ladies out there. Most of them, though, when you come to review the situation, are hefty or dykey or Jewish, or some combo of the three.”

Seriously? No wonder he got cancer. Okay, too far, too far – but let’s just say I’m not a big fan.

Once again, I’m not going to go into how ridiculous this claim is. Apparently it sells magazines, so whatever.  From Lucille Ball to Betty White to Mary Tyler Moore to Julia Louis-Dreyfuss to Ellen to Jennifer Aniston to Tina Fey to all the amazing women of SNL – I don’t think the majority of people believe there aren’t hilarious women out there. So lately the ‘debate’ has morphed into whether women need to be funny and sexy.  Much like the idea that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in heels – the industry says women must be funny and attractive. Last week Fox News ran a story about new female comedians have to be hot and funny.  I believe the term they used was “banging bodies.”  Apparently “entertainment expert” Patrick Wanis says, “The new female comedian has to be the sexual aggressor, sexually provocative, dominant and successful.” Um, wow. So no pressure, right?  So many men don’t think women are that funny, but if they are funny, or attempting to be funny, they better also be smokin’ hot? Who writes this?  Then again, I live in LA and most of the funny, working female comedians I know are attractive.

So to recap… the two thoughts about women and humor are 1) women aren’t funny in general , and  2)  if somehow a woman manages to be funny, she must be sexy. Personally, I find all of this annoying bullshit.  Maybe the idea of funny, attractive women is just still a little scary to some men. At least one thing Christopher Hitchens said in his article was pretty accurate, “Wit, after all, is the unfailing symptom of intelligence” and maybe it’s smart women who are funny and attractive that men believe are a rare breed, but actually are a fairly populated species – at least in my world.  Fox must have had a slow news day to really even discuss this.  From years of doing standup in Los Angeles even the show names show that this combination isn’t particularly rare (“Pretty Funny Women,”  “Standup in a Little Black Dress,” and “Hot Box”) – I’ve never once not been inspired by the amount of hard-working, hilarious, and damn sexy women doing standup. And as much as the media acts like it’s a rare breed, there are TONS of attractive women doing comedy. Then again, it doesn’t matter if a woman is hot or not, or at least it shouldn’t matter. Funny is funny – but I read these articles and I get pissy. So for Fox News and Christopher Hitchens and anyone else still talking about it… here’s my list of women you may not know, but who are exactly what you’re looking for: fucking funny and damn good looking.  I care less about the latter, but I’m just telling you, they are out there, and more than you know. Hell, these are just the comedians in my phone.

Julia Lillis




Melissa McQueen





Shannon Hatch




Danielle Stewart





April Macie




Giulia Rozzi





Clara Bijl




Annie Girard




Christina Walkinshaw



Bernadette Batts




… just to name a few.



2 Responses to “Can Women Be Hot & Funny?”

  1. October 19, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    women who are funny ARE innately attractive. You should add Kristen Wiig to your list. Maybe Margaret Cho. Ellen’s cute.

  2. November 6, 2011 at 11:24 am

    This is an awesome blog! And not only because I’m in it . Claudia, I don’t know how I missed this since I recall you posting it on FB and tagging me it–tanks you SO much for writing this and for the shout out! Right back atcha girl!!

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