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The Best of 2014!

The best

It wouldn’t be the end of the year without a wrap-up of 2014 highlights. I’ve taken the best articles (either by amount of views or comments) and linked them here. Just in case you missed them, here’s the best of The Zeros Before the One 2014! Enjoy:)

All I Want For Christmas… is Equal Pay

potty mouthed princesses

“What is more offensive?” the girls ask in the video. “A little girl saying ‘f*ck’ or the f**king unequal and sexist way society treats girls and women?” I have to agree with the little girls.

Love Actually 2 and More Details of a Christmas Fave


Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those couples (Hugh Grant and his secretary, Emma Thompson & philandering Alan Rickman, Colin Firth and his lovely Portuguese housekeeper, and the two porn/nude stand-ins)? Keep reading for the amazing breakdown of your favorite couples and where they are ten years later. Love Actually 10 Years Later….

Black Friday: When Discounts aren’t a Good Deal


Much like my equation for determining the true price of an item of clothing (price divided by number of times worn equals actual price), I think it is important to look at bargain shopping in a more nuanced way that just ‘wow, this sweater is 40% off’… namely, what is that discount costing you in time and aggravation? When is a bargain actually a deal?

Happy Thanksgiving!


And a cheers to Linus for reminding us why this holiday may be the very best!

The Night Before Thanksgiving…


From my time as a bartender, the night before Thanksgiving is probably the second biggest drinking night of the year. It beats Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and every major sporting event. This pre-holiday craziness starts in high school and college when your only responsibility on Thanksgiving is showing up. Your mom and other family members don’t require anything of the teenagers and college grads, so going out and getting wasted the night before only to sleep in, gorge on food all day and watch football is absolutely a perfect hangover concoction.

What Would Carrie Bradshaw Think of Tinder?


I think it’s fair to say that if SATC was still on tv now, Carrie and the girls would be on Tinder or the very least, talking about it. You know she’d have a great tagline since each episode had a perfect, quippy question that Carrie effortlessly typed into the computer to sum up the episode. Remember those? Carrie was always wondering about something:

The Rules for an Epic Girls’ Vegas Weekend!


I don’t know how or why it started, but there are things you’ll wear going out where you live, and then there are the things you’ll wear in Vegas. Dresses get shorter, heels get taller, boobs get bustier. Aside from a killer Christmas party or New Year’s Eve, I never wear sequins. Yet, when I pack for Vegas, sequins seem appropriate and wise. I also pack a pair of shoes that somehow only seem appropriate in Las Vegas.

Why Has Halloween Become a “Slutty” Holiday?

miss representation

When did Halloween become a ‘let’s dress slutty’ night? It seems in the last 10 years, scary or clever morphed into directly into slutty. I think it says something about where things are going in terms of women in the media and their portrayals. I think this has been influenced by sex tapes and reality tv of girls running around in bikinis, fighting, drinking and just an over sexualization of women in general…They make a sexy Mr. Potato Head outfit. Who wants to see or be a sexy Mr. Potato Head? Who thinks someone should be a sexy Mr. Potato Head? But I’m not the only one concerned.

Some Beauty Tips from Lo Bosworth!


So what is Lo Bosworth up to these days? Actually, some cool stuff. She finished culinary school, is a chef and runs a lifestyle website. I know, I know… how many lifestyle websites do we need?