We dated the Zeros… so you don’t have to.


My favorite poll ever!


Having worked in the entertainment industry for most of my adult life, I understand the pressure to be thin. Claudia and I have often lamented that thin is such a commodity in the biz, skinny often even beats pretty. Of course, there are exceptions, but there’s no denying that when Hollywood talks of beauty, they often mean thin and young.

A Girls’ Guide To Las Vegas


Las Vegas always seems to conjure up images of men behaving badly. From The Hangover, Swingers, the Rat Pack, bachelor parties and overused phrases like “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” or “Vegas, baby, Vegas.” Either way, Vegas clearly has a dude image. We rarely see the girl’s side of things. As I embark on a girl’s weekend in Vegas (my 3rd in a the last year!), I have a few rules. These rules are here to help – take some, leave others. I can’t say if they are 100% reliable. They are merely based on my own silly, sometimes random, but always memorable Vegas experiences.

The skinny on retouching


Over the past few years, there’s been a distressing increase in creative license when it comes to photoshopping women. It used to be that retouching was just about removing a few lines or pimples, but now-a-days the retouchers are pretty much using the subject of the photos as a jumping off point for bizarre art projects. Heads are routinely swapped onto different bodies, and individual body parts are mixed and stretched like some freakish combination of Mr. Potato Head and Gumby

Smurfette: Innocuous cartoon character or subversive anti-female propaganda?


I love Neil Patrick Harris and I’ve always thought I’d watch just about anything that he does. Clearly even I’ve found my limit. I understand he’s a new father of two adorable babies, which might account for agreeing to be in this crap (Actually, I don’t think his kids were even born when he ‘filmed’ this, so that’s no excuse), but as one of his babies is a girl, he really did her a disservice by joining the Smurf machine.

The Bachelorette Dilemma


During last year’s season of The Bachelor (remember Brad and Emily and all that promise… and by promise I mean a rocky relationship that lasted maybe 4 months), we ran some posts interviewing a former contestant on The Bachelor. Since that post, our site receives hits everyday from people google searching the question “do the contestants sleep with the bachelor/bachelorette?” Apparently that’s all anyone is really concerned with

Harry Potter Was Better than a Boyfriend


When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II is released this weekend, an era ends. After 7 books, 8 films, billions of dollars of revenue and the transformation of a single mom from Scotland into a billionaire, the battle between Harry and Voldemort will finally conclude. In full disclosure, I am a diehard Harry Potter fan. With tears streaming down my face I finished the final book, and I’m sure I’ll cry like a baby when I see this movie.

10 Songs You Should NEVER Sing at Karaoke


One of my best friends is maybe the best, most hilarious karaoke host ever. I never knew I enjoyed it so much (don’t judge), until I started hanging out with her. However, over the years of going to karaoke and bartending at a bar that has a karaoke night, I’ve learned a few things. And frankly people, it’s all about song choice. If you can really sing, I mean belt like Aretha – have at it, sing whatever your heart desires. But for the rest of us mere mortals with a voice that should be kept inside cars and showers, there are songs you should resist.

Ryan Reynolds… Green Lantern? Really? Call me, seriously.


Whenever the name Ryan Reynolds comes up, the general consensus is he’s funny and talented, not to mention hot and charming (when his name comes up around women).  But ask them to name a good Ryan Reynolds film, and the discussion quickly ends. Take a few extra moments to think, and the guys may say […]

What Movie NOT to see this weekend!


One week into summer and there have already been 4 wedding films released. We are incredibly biased and know that Bridesmaids is by far the best of the lot, so with Something Borrowed, Jumping the Broom, The Hangover 2 (technically a wedding film) and Bridesmaids in theaters already, I considered the movie-going public wedding’d-out. Not so says Hollywood.

Comedy cagematch: Bridesmaids vs The Hangover 2


At the risk of sounding like even more of a feminist killjoy than I did two weeks ago when I wrote my open letter to every guy with whom I’ve ever seen a rated R-Comedy in the theater, I’d like to take this opportunity to give another shout out to Bridesmaids because the ladies held over in their second week better than the original Hangover. Since The Hangover 2 comes out today, I figured we should see how the reviews are stacking up…