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Sex and the Senile: A Sex and the City/Golden Girls Mashup


Realizing that Bethenny Frankel is the new Carrie Bradshaw made me remember that Sex and the City was really the new Golden Girls. I guess it is true that everything old is new again, even if by old you mean 4 hilarious retired women in Miami. Luckily my good friend Julia Lillis made this awesome […]

Is Bethenny Frankel the new Carrie Bradshaw?


There isn’t an episode of Sex and the City I haven’t seen. Thanks to On Demand, HBOGo, E! and TBS, I can still watch them over and over again – which I do. With her clothes, shoes, fabulous body and writing career, I’ve often dreamed I could be Carrie Bradshaw – until I realized someone […]

How Twilight Got its Fangs into Us All


But all my resolve crumbled with the purchase of an iPad and the kindle app. Now I could purchase the books without them ever ending up on my bookshelf. Curiousity and the fun of a new app wore me down, and to my own horror, I bought “Twilight” last week.

The TWILIGHT of your Prom


There’s no denying that teenage girls mature faster than teenage boys – both physically and socially – and maybe that explains the draw teenage girls feel for older guys. But lately I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Teenagers now-a-days aren’t just crushing on guys that are a few years older than themselves, they are obsessing over much older men. Not just older… ancient.

When Hollywood turns Awesome to Crap


I’m amazed that if a film makes Spiderman’s suit a little different, the comic book fans are outraged and ready to storm the set, but an iconic female character can be turned into a completely different person, and film studios have no problem with that.

If the Sundance Film Festival met Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Though we at The Zeros Before The One don’t normally just repost youtube videos and call it content, this was one I couldn’t pass up.

Charlie Sheen – Winning… as the Ultimate Zero


Occasionally, you run across a guy so toxic that he is actually two types of zeros at the same time… let’s call that unfortunate confluence the Zero squared.

But Charlie Sheen’s recent antics have shown him to possesses so many Zero qualities, it’s almost impressive. He’s a Zero to the power of infinity. We’ve collected many stories that fit into the zero archtypes for our book, but never before has one man fit into so many at the same time in such a public way.

Anyone here for love?


RIP Lady Jane.  

What the F is up with “The Bachelor” & America’s Love Affair with this show?


I think TV romances have about as much long-term possibilities as summer camp romances – if your summer camp counselors (or in this case, producers) encouraged heavy drinking and sex.

15 Movies You’re Embarrassed (but Should be Proud) to Admit you Love


Nor am I talking about Point Break or Roadhouse, because there is nothing guilty about their awesomeness. I’m talking about a movie you loved when it first came out and even now that you’re older and re-watched and it totally did not hold up at all (Red Dawn anyone?) you still love it. The true guilty pleasure movie is the one that has your love for all time, even when you know it doesn’t really deserve it. Mine is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.