We dated the Zeros… so you don’t have to.


Jane Austen Would Watch The Bachelorette and You Know It!


Miss Andi Dorfman of Atlanta, appears to be an energetic person with a ready smile. While she appears beautiful in both countenance and spirit, I cannot pretend that the seriousness of finding an eligible husband will prove to be a most vexing and tiresome challenge.

5 Movie Romances That Would Never Work


While I loved the chemistry between these two, this is a horrible pairing. He’s a smuggler (which is a nice word for criminal), she is a princess and political activist, and their entire relationship is built around defeating Darth Vader and the Death Star. At the end of Jedi – no more Vader, no more Death Star – what would they do? They’d bore themselves for a year and then Leia would dump Han Solo for a nice, former administrative member of the Rebel Alliance.

Why I Knew George Clooney Would Get Engaged?

George-Clooney engaged

No one ever wants to hear this, but sometimes timing plays a more important role in who you end up with than love. I’m all for love, I’m just saying it will always lose out if a person isn’t ready for it. I bet all of us have looked back on a past relationship and just thought we were too young. Or maybe you met when one of you was ready for a committed relationship and the other wasn’t. Amal could have been like all the other women, but for one thing, George is 52, and I bet dating 27-year olds is getting a little tiring. But I saw this coming for one big reason: George Clooney has pretty much lived his life from the Warren Beatty playbook

Something You Must Watch – It Still Matters


I am very keen to see the new documentary, Anita: Speaking Truth to Power that tells the story of the 1991 Senate confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, and young law professor, Anita Hill, who testified about sexual harassment she’d experienced from Thomas while working for him. I remember all of this playing out in the news […]

Have You Not Seen This Yet?


Need I say more? This woman makes me laugh…all the time. Whether hosting the Globes, as Leslie Knope, on SNL, Baby Mama, you name it. And when she’s not making us laugh, she hosts an awesome web series, Smart Girls, that encourages and spotlights young women and girls who are changing the world by being themselves. She also gives kickass commencement speeches. Just a general thumbs up to Amy Poehler and anything she does!

Worst Dating Book & Advice EVER


Patton doesn’t have daughters (thank God or they’d have so many issues, including an eating disorder and an addiction to plastic surgery). She repeatedly reminds women that they will never have as many bright, smart, ambitious men in their vicinity as they do at top universities – so finding a husband should be women’s absolute TOP priority in college if they want kids. Patton obviously hasn’t been to a fraternity party lately, or met the thousands of stoners and dropouts that also frequent university campuses.

Should We Encourage a Proposal on The Bachelor?


I find manners to be an interesting intersection between the public and the private; they help guide us in social situations to navigate a graceful link between the interpersonal and the public sphere. The denizens of manners help us know what is expected of us and though we can choose to adhere to the prescribed way of doing things or not, at least we have a roadmap for what is expected of us.

Marriage advice from Nietzsche


A few words of wisdom about marriage from Nietzsche

What is Real Beauty?


No matter how much progress women have made in society, there is still an incredible premium put on a woman’s looks. For men, being desirable and being handsome are two different things, because a man’s humor or strength or talent or wealth or a dozen other qualities color how desirable he is perceived to be. By and large, a woman’s perceived desirability is based almost entirely on her perceived beauty. Sure, we can be doctors and lawyers now-a-days, but if we want to be seen as important or desirable, we better be hot doctors and hot lawyers. Not only is the pressure to be beautiful incredibly pervasive in our culture, but what is considered beautiful is so extremely narrow. And though I reject the double standard society places on men and women when it comes to beauty, because it is unfair and destructive, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect me.

The Bachelor: Fantasy Suite Drama & Inside Scoop


This season’s most fascinating contestant was Sharleen, the opera singer who was bright, articulate, well-traveled and discussed things like “the inorganic nature of the show” and that she and Juan Pablo were “missing that cerebral connection” – words NEVER UTTERED BEFORE ON THE BACHELOR. Basically, a woman unlike almost any other participant, and who left the show on her own accord. Cue slow tear. I was hoping she’d turn down Juan Pablo’s proposal and make Bachelor history… just me? But this week is a double-header, two night Bachelor overload with what has been promised as “fantasy suite drama.”