We dated the Zeros… so you don’t have to.


The truth about sex…


“Sex is like air…”

The location of the G-spot, according to Isabel Allende


“For women, the best aphrodisiacs are words…”

True Confessions from a Bachelor Contestant – Part II


In case you’ve just tuned in, an old friend of mine was a contestant on a previous season of the show, and she kindly agreed to submit to my endless questioning (it’s been enough years that confidentiality agreements are null and void). To protect her identity, we’re calling her Rose.

Who Will The Bachelorette Choose? (oh, I mean, sleep with)


Who Des will sleep with? Since she’s had the hots for Brooks from day one and already announced she’s in love with him, I’m guessing she’ll definitely want to share a fantasy suite with Brooks. However, Brooks is from Salt Lake and has 10 siblings, he’s obviously Mormon. Good luck with that one Des. A religion that doesn’t allow alcohol, coffee or premarital sex, and is very patriarchal. Fun times. (Sorry but come on!)

Pretty in Pink or Pretty Pimpin’ ?


Watching Pretty in Pink recently, I’m amazed. The costume design is insane. In the words of Rachel Zoe, Bananas! It’s not the typical “look what they wore in the 80’s” I’m referring to. I’m convinced Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” was inspired by James Spader’s Steff. White, linen suits in a public high school? Hells yeah. Spader is part high school gangster, part pimp.

How I transformed my skin for less than ten bucks. Yes. Really.


Pregnancy, birth and the first year of post-partum is a time a huge hormonal fluctuations – more dramatic in many ways than puberty – so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that my skin might go through some big changes, but it did. After the pregnancy glow was gone, I was left with icky, drab skin. At first I attributed my dull pallor to the extreme sleep deprivation I was enduring.

When it comes to dating, ‘Potential’ is a 4-letter word

Can't Buy Me Love 2

Have you ever seen a guy and thought to yourself, “He has so much potential! If only he didn’t dress like he was still in high school, live with his mother, or play video games 5 hours a day, etc… he’d be perfect”? You may think you’re doing the guy a favor by helping him improve, but think about it… would you like someone to come in and tell you that you could be great if only you lost weight, changed how you dress, stopped hanging out with some of your friends, or didn’t watch the guilty-pleasure TV that gives you actual pleasure?