We dated the Zeros… so you don’t have to.


Some Beauty Tips from Lo Bosworth!


So what is Lo Bosworth up to these days? Actually, some cool stuff. She finished culinary school, is a chef and runs a lifestyle website. I know, I know… how many lifestyle websites do we need?

Lena Dunham is Not That Kind of Girl


I read Sassy and Jane magazine and listened to Hole and the like (yes it was the 90s). But I think Lena’s impact on young women is pretty incredible, I know I’d want to listen to her. I gotta love a woman who says things like, “A huge part of being a feminist is allowing other women to make choices you might not necessarily make yourself.”

Tinder Date #47: Tinder in Montreal: French, Poutine, Condoms & Marilyn Monroe

tinder christina walkinshaw

MANY dudes have told me this. Apparently us ladies are getting hacky on Tinder. It seems MANY of us are using Marilyn Monroe quotes in our taglines. I personally think taglines are important. It’s what makes you more than a just a pretty face.

We’re On Totally Laime!

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Elizabeth and her co-host/husband “Psychic Andy, Totally Laime Podcast is a show that asks the most important people the least important questions. Every week, they sit down with a guest from the world of comedy and shoot the shit. I was just lucky to be invited.

True Confessions from a Bachelor Contestant – Part II


In case you’ve just tuned in, an old friend of mine was a contestant on a previous season of the show, and she kindly agreed to submit to my endless questioning (it’s been enough years that confidentiality agreements are null and void). To protect her identity, we’re calling her Rose.

“What’s Your Number” author Karyn Bosnak in the house!


This kind of internet moxie gets hits, and boy did it. In just 5 months, her site had gotten 2 million hits and she’d paid off her debt. This led to her first book, “Save Karyn: One Shopaholic’s Journey to Debt and Back.” Now Karyn is back, but this time in fiction. She wrote “20 Times a Lady” which has been adapted to the screen as What’s Your Number opening this weekend starring Ana Faris and Chris Evans.

Interview with Chelsea Lately’s Sarah Colonna


Years ago I used to do a fun standup show at the Hollywood Improv called ‘Pretty Funny Women.’ That’s where I met the hilarious Sarah Colonna. She’s become one very busy lady as a writer and roundtable regular on “Chelsea Lately,” a star and producer of “After Lately” and a nationally touring comedian.  As a […]

True confessions of a former contestant on ‘The Bachelor’


I have to say, talking with Rose completely changed my perception of the show. For one thing, I used to get a really annoyed by all the crying – some of the women have only known this guy for two days and they’re completely devastated to be sent home? As I learned from talking with Rose, often the tears are as much about leaving friends behind as it is about the guy. And yes, the women may have only known the Bachelor for a few weeks, but these aren’t normal weeks. These are reality television weeks, and that is a whole different ball game.