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The Best of 2014!

The best

It wouldn’t be the end of the year without a wrap-up of 2014 highlights. I’ve taken the best articles (either by amount of views or comments) and linked them here. Just in case you missed them, here’s the best of The Zeros Before the One 2014! Enjoy:)

The Rules for an Epic Girls’ Vegas Weekend!


I don’t know how or why it started, but there are things you’ll wear going out where you live, and then there are the things you’ll wear in Vegas. Dresses get shorter, heels get taller, boobs get bustier. Aside from a killer Christmas party or New Year’s Eve, I never wear sequins. Yet, when I pack for Vegas, sequins seem appropriate and wise. I also pack a pair of shoes that somehow only seem appropriate in Las Vegas.

Texting Relationship Rules: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

texting relationships

Texting is exhausting, and we’ve all been the girl who clutches her phone waiting for a sign from God (aka advice from her girlfriends) about whether or not she should or shouldn’t text. Armed with a glass of wine, we meet with girlfriends to obsessively decipher texting conversations – is he or isn’t he my future husband? I used to be that girl.

8 Wedding Movies Even A Non-Romantic Can Love


Instead following my instinct of putting together the bah humbug wedding-movie list (In case you’re interested, number one on that list would be Margo At The Wedding, because that is seriously the most joyless and exasperating wedding movie of all time), I decided to put together a list of wedding related movies that are awesome despite being about weddings.

5 Movie Romances That Would Never Work


While I loved the chemistry between these two, this is a horrible pairing. He’s a smuggler (which is a nice word for criminal), she is a princess and political activist, and their entire relationship is built around defeating Darth Vader and the Death Star. At the end of Jedi – no more Vader, no more Death Star – what would they do? They’d bore themselves for a year and then Leia would dump Han Solo for a nice, former administrative member of the Rebel Alliance.

Top 5 Things a Smart Man Will NEVER Say to You (even if it’s true)


For once, just give me a minute, I’ll tell you the solution, and then your problem will be solved. Wouldn’t that be better in the long run?

6 Post Break Up Rules: How to Break Someone’s Heart Without Being a Bitch


I knew a guy who lost it when the girl he thought was the girl of his dreams broke up with him. He thought he’d been wronged and lied to which only fueled his anger. This resulted in drunk texts, cyber-stalking, tagging photos of her with crude comments, and some unattractive begging on his part. It wasn’t pretty. In the end, he just needed an apology.

7 Movies Women Find Sexy

Jennifer Lopez And George Clooney In 'Out Of Sight'

There is so much talk about sex in the movies, but occurred to me recently that very little of this abundant movie sex is actually sexy. Think about it… when was the last time you watch a movie and actually got turned on? For me, it is pretty rare.

Top 10 Texting Rules While Dating

The Gossip Girl set at Columbia University

Texting 101 Everyone thinks they are good at texting, but it’s much like no one thinks they’re cheap or bad in bed, yet everyone knows many people who are. Do the math. Some people suck at texting in the initial dating phase. Partly it’s because communication is much better in person. Tone, voice, facial gestures, […]

7 Christmas Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck for Women (for the Gift-Challenged Man)


In fact, there are some pretty standard, fairly reasonable presents that you can get almost any woman, and she will love it. My father used to rush out on the 23rd and buy my mother a slew of books. Have I mentioned that my mom divorced my dad?

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