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A Little Friday Wisdom From Audrey Hepburn


“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m possible”! – Audrey Hepburn

How to Fall in Love With Anyone – Scientifically Proven!


Could a bunch of question make two people fall in love with each other? Quite possibly, yes. 20 years ago, the psychologist, Arthur Aron, used these 36 questions to make two strangers fall in love within the confines of his laboratory.

The Best Way to Get Over a Break Up

getting over a break up

There is a saying, “the best way to get over someone is to get under somebody else.” Apparently science is starting to back this up.

Do You Need a Good Cry?


I learned in a great little Q & A article in the NY Times, chemicals are secreted in emotional tears (which aren’t found in tears caused by, say, cutting an onion), which have a stress-relieving function. We literally cry some of the stress out of our bodies.

How Dating Affects Your Mental Health

dating and mental health

Dating can be a real journey of self-discovery, in which we learn as much about ourselves as we do about our partners. Dating can be an emotional rollercoaster, during which we discover how we handle our emotions, and what we can and cannot deal with in a partner. We discover our capacity for forgiveness, the limits of our tolerance, and to see ourselves through another’s eyes.

Can You Really Blame it on the Alcohol? Nope.

blame it on the alcohol

“A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.” Why do you think reality shows always have a constant supply of alcohol for their participants? But forget conversations, now we live in a world of drunk texts. I’m sure we all wish we could take back some texts we’ve sent in the wee hours of the morning. Does alcohol give us confidence, stupidity or a dangerous mix of both?

Does Size Matter? Yes, but…


While women may be more attracted to men with larger penises (particularly if they’re also tall and fit) that interest starts to taper off when a penis measures larger than 7.6 centimeters in its flaccid state. But other studies cited in the video found that gay men do show marked preferences for larger penises.”

Have They Figured Out the Secret to a Satisfying Marriage?

satisfying marriage

“When he comes home I’m telling him, we are never getting divorced because I’m not doing all this shit by myself again.” Is it romantic? No. Is it true? Totally. I think sometimes the glue of a marriage is having a partner that helps you carry the weight load of life. And when the burden tips too much on one person (and not just for a week), it causes a hell of a lot of problems.

Is Dating the ‘Bad Boy’ Your Parents’ Fault?


So how does evolution influence our attraction to the lazy, pothead talking about the future of his band while eating all of your food and leaving dirty dishes in the sink? Van den Berg and Fawcett explained that even though since parents pass along their genes to all of their children evenly, it’s in the children’s interest to get as much as the parent’s assets (resources such as money, houses, etc.) for the betterment of their own children. Still with me? Basically each sibling wants more than just a fair share of their parent’s stuff. And what happens when a child dated someone with fewer resources or prospects (in scientific terms, a loser or mooch), the parents subsidized that couple more.

What is Real Beauty?


No matter how much progress women have made in society, there is still an incredible premium put on a woman’s looks. For men, being desirable and being handsome are two different things, because a man’s humor or strength or talent or wealth or a dozen other qualities color how desirable he is perceived to be. By and large, a woman’s perceived desirability is based almost entirely on her perceived beauty. Sure, we can be doctors and lawyers now-a-days, but if we want to be seen as important or desirable, we better be hot doctors and hot lawyers. Not only is the pressure to be beautiful incredibly pervasive in our culture, but what is considered beautiful is so extremely narrow. And though I reject the double standard society places on men and women when it comes to beauty, because it is unfair and destructive, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect me.

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