We dated the Zeros… so you don’t have to.

The One

Let’s Remember Love Has No Labels


This beautiful video is a powerful and beautiful reminder that love truly is blind – it doesn’t see gender, race, religion, age or disability. I wish our politicians and religious leaders would remember this.

What Women Wish Men Understood about Popping the Question

popping the question

Why does it seem like men wait so long to propose? What makes men wait? The waiting can be infuriating. It’s a really weird scenario when you’ve been raised your entire life to be your own woman, go for what you want, pursue your career, date and sleep with whomever you want, but when you’re ready to make one of the biggest decisions of your life… you just kind of wait for it to happen.

Should Women Be More Submissive in Marriage?


I’m not a woman who has ever been drawn to guy’s guys. My guy proudly admits to being a runner, not a fighter, and I love that about him.

5 Signs That He’s The One


When Megan and I started this entire The Zeros Before the One journey, we were two single women with a truckload of crazy dating/relationship stories. Over four years, many blogs and an awareness to what we were doing wrong, Megan is married with a beautiful son and I’m getting married tomorrow. Now we aren’t saying we’re experts at marriage, we’re too new at it, but we have become pretty adept at spotting the good ones.

5 Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend

i am breaking up with you

I know we all believe (or want to believe) that love conquers all. But if love went into battle without trust, respect, friendship and honesty, it would lose. Every time. It’s okay to fall in love with someone who’s not right for you in the long run. It’s not okay to give up on yourself, your values and become half the person you were meant to be just for ‘love’.

Ladies – Are Romantic Comedies Making Us Crazy?


We live in a world where we want our own meet-cute scenario. I totally get wanting to have that story that leads to the spark, or the moment when things started. But what about everyone meeting online? Surprisingly the people over at MeUndies.com (yes this is actually an ad for underwear), have made a short that is also a great commentary and realistic depiction of the complexities of modern romance.

What Every Married Couple Should Know


Hearing the couples talk about what makes marriage work, what is difficult within the marriage, and how they stay together (and why they don’t) is illuminating. And there is something a little magical, watching intimate and sweet behind-the-scenes moments of so many weddings

Why You Should Be a Picky Bitch

Picky Bitches wisom

I met my husband at a bar… Was I slightly distrustful? Totally. Was I intentionally rude and aggressive? No. Okay, maybe I was wary and a little rude. Was I a Picky Bitch that night? Absolutely. And it was worth it.

What You Need to Know to Have a Successful Long-Term Relationship


It’s kind of arty, and I get a French new wave film vibe, mixed also with those old health/PSA films they used to show in high school. Either way it’s slightly bizarre, and I love it’s simple, visual message.

Most Women Will Kiss How Many Men Before Finding the One?


According to science, the answer is 15. Apparently some “study” by eHarmony (maybe, I couldn’t really find it’s source) has discovered the average number of men women will kiss before “The One.” Excuse me?

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