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What Women Wish Men Understood about Popping the Question

popping the question

Why does it seem like men wait so long to propose? What makes men wait? The waiting can be infuriating. It’s a really weird scenario when you’ve been raised your entire life to be your own woman, go for what you want, pursue your career, date and sleep with whomever you want, but when you’re ready to make one of the biggest decisions of your life… you just kind of wait for it to happen.

What You Should You Post, Tweet or Facebook as a Wedding Guest?


Only 14 percent of brides are taking a formal stance on banning social media altogether, says InStyle. So when it comes to the I dos, what’s appropriate and what’s not? Couples also tend to plan the integration of social media and social sharing on their big day, so look for indications of social media approval via dedicated hashtags or photo sharing apps such as HitchedPic.

Have They Figured Out the Secret to a Satisfying Marriage?

satisfying marriage

“When he comes home I’m telling him, we are never getting divorced because I’m not doing all this shit by myself again.” Is it romantic? No. Is it true? Totally. I think sometimes the glue of a marriage is having a partner that helps you carry the weight load of life. And when the burden tips too much on one person (and not just for a week), it causes a hell of a lot of problems.

Do You Have a Wedding Pinterest Board and Are Not Engaged? Congrats! Everyone Else Does Too.


What’s so great about Pinterest. You just look at pretty pictures and tap on “Pin.” That requires no money, no commitment, no deposits, no long discussions with family and in-laws, no disagreement with your fiance explaining why something is worth it, etc. Maybe the allure of Pinteresting your ideal imaginary wedding is that it involves none of the harsh, expensive and compromising realities of an actual wedding.

How to Have a Wedding Extravaganza on an Average Budget

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The marriage rate is actually declining – and to an all-time, historic low. People just aren’t marrying like they used to. Why? If your dream wedding is about to drown you in debt, here’s how you can avoid creating, or worsening, a massive financial deficit.

Summer Wedding Warning: Beware the Open Bar!

open letter to bar

…I don’t want to sound ungrateful for all the good times we’ve had together and it pains me to critisize you, but after the events of last weekend, this letter can hardly come as a surprise.

What Every Married Couple Should Know


Hearing the couples talk about what makes marriage work, what is difficult within the marriage, and how they stay together (and why they don’t) is illuminating. And there is something a little magical, watching intimate and sweet behind-the-scenes moments of so many weddings

8 Wedding Movies Even A Non-Romantic Can Love


Instead following my instinct of putting together the bah humbug wedding-movie list (In case you’re interested, number one on that list would be Margo At The Wedding, because that is seriously the most joyless and exasperating wedding movie of all time), I decided to put together a list of wedding related movies that are awesome despite being about weddings.

How To Save Money on Your Wedding (& Keep the Groom Happy)


The wedding industry, while helpful, sometimes feels more powerful than the military industrial complex. It is recession proof, ever expanding, gets more expensive every year, but still remains absolutely irresistible when planning such an exciting day. Thank goodness for the thousands of blogs, Pinterest pages, DIY mania and online support to get you through it.

Should We Encourage a Proposal on The Bachelor?


I find manners to be an interesting intersection between the public and the private; they help guide us in social situations to navigate a graceful link between the interpersonal and the public sphere. The denizens of manners help us know what is expected of us and though we can choose to adhere to the prescribed way of doing things or not, at least we have a roadmap for what is expected of us.

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