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Champagne Beauty On a Beer Budget – Foundation Edition


As evident in the ‘stars without makeup’ editions of the celebrity rags, Hollywood makeup artists are indeed artists, and one of the benefits to living in Los Angeles (and believe me, there are many downsides) is that I occasionally get inside tips from professional beauty makers. I got a great one recently that I thought I’d pass along.

Airbrush makeup has been used on sets and photo shoots for years to achieve that poreless, flawless look so many people are after (of course, most of the time, the photos we see are then photoshoped to such a ridiculous degree that not only are all the pores invisible, but so is any quality that resembles human skin. But that’s a subject for another time). Of course, airbrush makeup requires expensive equipment and the technical know-how that makes it out of reach for most of us. Until now (ish)

Mac makes a spray product that works great to achieve natural and even looking skin, but at $70 a pop, that’s still way out of the budget for most of us, and they discontinued it anyway. Boo.

But here’s the good news:

Sally Hansen makes a product that it pretty much identical. Seriously, it works the same, it even smells the same, and you can get it at the drugstore for only $13.95. (Did that sound infomercially? I swear I haven’t been paid by Sally Hansen. Not that I’d be opposed….) You don’t get the array of fashion colors or the fancy packaging as you do with the pricy Mac version, but at a fraction of the cost, who cares?

There is a little bit of a catch. Though completely counterintuitive, you don’t actually spray the spray makeup on your face. If you do it will get in your hair, in your eyebrows and on your eyelashes. Horrible. Here’s what you do. Take one of those short stubby brushes you use for applying mineral makeup and spray the makeup on to that. Then apply the foundation by rubbing the brush on your face in a circular fashion (sort of like you would with mineral makeup).

Please keep in mind, I’m no makeup expert. Quite the opposite. But the lady who told me about it is, and I’m digging this.


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