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tumblr_nadl1l1yTQ1qm0yhvo1_500If you read this blog you know I’m an Amy Schumer fan. If you don’t know who Amy Schumer is…wait, what? Why? Where have you been? She has a hilarious show on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer, is a headlining comedian and is super freaking funny. Get on it. #TeamAmy.

Anyway, I’ve talked about her smart, incisive sketches and that she’s intelligent and strong, so I’m excited about her upcoming movie Trainwreck. She stars in and wrote this comedy with Judd Apatow directing. I’m thrilled that there can be a female equivalent to the Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jason Segal, Jonah Hill team of guys who seem to get anything they write made. No shade to those guys, I just think there just as many funny, smart, talented women whose skills are equal to the guys and deserve the big screen.

So I was delighted that before seeing 50 Shades of Grey (I don’t care, judge away that I saw this movie with 14 girlfriends on opening weekend) this weekend, I saw the trailer for Amy Schumer’s new movie Trainwreck. 

I have to say the trailer made me laugh out loud, multiple times. Yes, it’s just the trailer, but I have faith in Amy and Judd. But also to  a bigger point, I want women AND men to see this movie. As women, we’re tired of Hollywood thinking female driven movies and stories aren’t big business or can’t draw audiences. And as 50 Shade of Grey‘s stellar opening, as well as Maleficent, Bridesmaids, The HeatThe Hunger Games (to name a few), they easily draw audiences, big ones. So let’s all go see Trainwreck. 

And as we once told our readers to go see Bridesmaids (and we were totally right on that one), I’m also telling men and women to see Trainwreck. Or as Megan wrote to men regarding why they should see movies like Bridesmaids (and now Trainwreck),

“I’m not saying you should see Bridesmaids because it is important to support equitable gender roles in society in general and the cinema in particular. It is up to you to decide if that’s something that is important to you. Watching a movie you don’t want to see is not, perhaps, the best way to express a commitment to gender equality anyway. But it’s not like I’m saying I think you’re anti-woman if you don’t want to go see Something Borrowed. In fact, if you did see Something Borrowed you’d be seeing it by yourself because I’m sure as hell not sitting through it. And I’m not saying that you should go see Bridesmaids because I sat through all your dude comedies and you owe me.

I’m saying you should go see Bridemaids for the same reason I went to see The Hangover, Superbad, 40 Year Old Virgin, Pineapple Express, Hot Tub Time Machineand There’s Something About Mary… because it is fucking funny.”

Check out the Trainwreck trailer below. Enjoy!


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