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What Are Your Relationship Dealbreakers?


dating dealbreakersLiz Lemon may have hilariously described it, but the idea of the ‘dealbreaker’ goes all the way back to the very first bad date. We all know what a dealbreaker is, yet few people realize when they’ve committed a dealbreaker act. Everyone is different, and one woman’s dealbreaker is another woman’s treasure. But here is a list of real life dealbreakers – some are ones I’ve experienced, some happened to my close friends, but unfortunately, all of them are true.

“He took a video of himself on the toilet.”
“He was mean to his mom.”
“He told me he’s a Scientologist.”
“He  didn’t believe in pre-marital sex.”
“His Myspace page was dorky.”
“He wore his phone on his belt.”
“He was rude to the waitress.”
“He slept with my best friend.”
“He made me pay for half of the porn he insisted we watch at the hotel.”
“He wanted me to stop wearing lipstick, change my accent, fly to California and meet his 92 year old grandmother after two hours after knowing him.”
“He was wearing Ed Hardy.”
“He licked my face.”
“He lives with his parents.”
“He abbreviated everything like when he ordered “apps” instead of appetizers.”
“He returned an open can of jelly to Ralph’s because ‘he didn’t like it.’ ”
“He texted dick pics to me with his tiny poodle in the shot.”
Any interesting dealbreakers of your own? We’d love to hear them. Until then, enjoy “sexually transmitted crazy mouth” and other awesome Liz Lemon dealbreakers:


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  1. March 25, 2011 at 11:29 am

    Thank you for sharing! If that’s not the definition of dealbreaker, I don’t know what is!!!

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