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From Keg Stand to Asking for Her Hand: The Evolution of a Bro


“I want to take you to a party, but you have to promise you’ll write about it.”

Most people preface parties or stories or greetings by telling me NOT to write about it, so when my sister’s boyfriend made me this offer I knew that I couldn’t refuse.   I was a little curious about what he wanted me to write about.  He told me that since I’d written about the fratty side of the bro culture, he wanted me to see bro culture all grown up.

Fair enough.  It’s important to look at both sides of the story, right?  So, for the art of the craft, I went significantly out of my comfort zone.

I went bowling.

Granted, this wasn’t your average bowling alley.  It was an uber-hip, bar-slash-bowling alley on the north side of Chicago.  Approximately 15 people were split into three teams although, curiously, all of the women were on the same team.  The ladies decided to play with our own rules: lowest score wins.  (I won!).  The guys, on the other hand?  Well, they were playing for keeps.  I think there was money involved.  There was definite heckling involved.

It was a fascinating thing to be a part of.  There were several couples in this group of people, but that was not their defining characteristic.  If my sister hadn’t told me who was paired with whom I probably wouldn’t have known.   The girls had a grand time bowling (terribly) and drinking (quite well) and chatting.  They saw no need to be glued to their significant others, yet it was obvious that their respective men adored them (and vice versa).  As much as these men heckled and teased each other, when their lady wanted their attention they were immediately attentive to her needs.

It’s easy to mock the bro culture.  Heaven knows, I do it frequently.  Yet, we overlook a great quality of bro-dom: loyalty.  Men are incredibly loyal to each other, but they can also be dedicated and loyal to their girlfriends.   They bet money on bowling, but cheer their heads off when their girlfriend knocks down even a minimal amount of pins.

I ended the night with a terrible bowling score (I got a strike and still bowled less than 100.  I’ve got skills) and a new found appreciation of the bromance.  We tease men about their devotion to each other, but the reality is that loyalty can transcend.  From bro to wife.  And loyalty is a quality that every relationship needs.


Elisabeth Fitzgerald

About the author: Elisabeth Fitzgerald

Elisabeth Fitzgerald is a Chicago born, Los Angeles based writer. In addition to writing fiction and non-fiction, she also works in the entertainment industry. When not holed up with a pen in her hand or a script at her side, she enjoys Tejano music, vintage clothing and tricking herself into exercising with yoga. Her dislikes catalog a number of prominent ZEROS.

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