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Happy days are here…


This past week and a half has been a time of extreme emotions for me; the extreme high being that I made a human person, and the low… I had to squeeze that person out of my vagina. Overall, the feeling I’m left with (aside from some internal bruising and sleep depravation) is a profound sense of gratitude and a deep and somewhat desperate desire to believe that the future will be bright for this little kid-o-mine.

Granted, there is a whole lot of suck out there in the world. Really Limbaugh? A woman is a prostitute and wants to get ‘paid for sex’ if she wants her health insurance to cover her birth control pills? I know he apologized, but screw that. He’s been married four times… and I’m sure he waited to have sex until the ‘sanctity of marriage’ kicked in all four instances, right? And then there’s the news for our sports fans out there that a professional football team was incentivizing the injury of players on opposing teams. I know football is a tough sport, but that is seriously f’d up. Not to mention Syria, deadly tornatos ripping through America and increasing tensions between Iran and Israel . It is easy to get bogged down in all the suckitude, and I often do. But now that I have such a great reason to see the world as potentially awesome, I’ve found there is also a lot of good out there on which to focus. In the spirit of optimism, here are a few stories I read recently (granted, at about four in the morning with a very small male person attached to some seriously sore nipples) that made me happy. Of course, some of these are silly and some are profound, and in no way am I comparing the importance of the ratings of a television program to the journey of equal rights for millions of Americans. So I’m not saying which is the most IMPORTANT, but all put a smile on my face.

 Dowtown Abbey pulls in 5.4 million viewers for the season 2 finale.

As EW.com pointed out, that means more people are following the Crawleys than the Kardashians. If that isn’t good news, I don’t know what it.

JK Rowling announces she’s writing a new book.

I honestly don’t care that it is a ‘book for adults’. I never felt bad about reading a series for kids. Really, if Rowling published her grocery lists I’d probably get excited. A new novel, whatever it ends up being, is f’ing huge!



The state Legislature in Maryland gave its final approval to marriage equality 

Maryland’s Senate voted 25 to 22 on Feb. 23 to legalize same-sex marriage, and Governor Martin O’Malley signed it into law. Maryland becomes the eighth state legalizing marriage for all citizens . 42 to go. In California, the 9th Circuit Court of appeals ruled that Prop 8 was unconstitutional. Though the golden state will remain in this legal quagmire of our own making for a while, I have faith that within the next couple of years the matter will be resolved in favor of justice. It is my profound hope that by the time my kid is a teenager, he’ll be baffled that anyone ever tried to keep two people in love from their legal rights.

A repeatedly abandoned cat finds a new home, and saves the life of its adopter, starting a new career as a service cat. 

I’ve always been amazed by dogs who could sense and warn their owners about upcoming medical issues, but I had no idea cats were capable of it as well. Neither did the cat’s new adopter. Until the cat did just that and saved her life on the very first night of being adopted.

Jeff Mangum tours!

My favorite band of all time is Neutral Milk Hotel, and they are the only of the bands I love that I’ve never seen live. With this new little man in my life the odds of me making it to Cochella are slim to non. Thank goodness Jeff Mangum added a LA date to his tour.

Got any more feel-good stories? For once in my life, most of my snark has been drained and I’m ready to bask in the glow of good news. At least for a few days


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  1. March 7, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Downton Abbey has been renewed for 3 more seasons. Even though the casting may have to change a bit over time due to contracts, that’s still pretty good news. “Matthew”, “O’Brien” and The Dowager Countess haven’t signed on yet.

  2. March 8, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    yes those are all great things! It’s good to remember those things when there is also so much wrong happening.

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