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How To Save Money on Your Wedding (& Keep the Groom Happy)


the happy wedding coupleThe wedding industry, while helpful, sometimes feels more powerful than the military industrial complex. It is recession proof, ever expanding, gets more expensive every year, but still remains absolutely irresistible when planning such an exciting day. Thank goodness for the thousands of blogs, Pinterest pages, DIY mania and online support to get you through it.

Most women seem to discount men from the majority of their wedding planning (and the majority of men seem fine with that). Of course, every couple is different, and there are many hands-on grooms, but for the most part, wedding planning is very ladies only. However, without fail, brides make decisions that they assume their groom is on board with only to find his disapproval or passive aggressive suggestions that he would have done it differently. Or brides can have a hard time explaining why the cost is spiraling to an uninvolved groom. Not only that, but it can be hard to get men to discuss the minute details of a wedding. If you ask most men what flowers they prefer, they’ll shrug their shoulders and give a: “Whatever you think.”

In the early stages of planning your wedding, ask each other this simple question, to continue reading…



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