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How Twitter Ruined a Player’s Game (outing douchebaggery one tweet at a time)


Dear Potential Cheaters,

If you are thinking of cheating on your spouse, know that social networking is making it harder.  Or at least more likely that you’ll be caught.  Learn the valuable lesson that Brian had to learn the hard way.  Brian, an LA-based actor, was probably counting his airplane luck when he seated next to New York model, Melissa Stetten.  As he proceeded to hit on her, actor-Brian failed to notice she was live tweeting the entire conversation (thank you Virgin America for free wi-fi during flights). Having already started to blow-up on the internet, the tweets have a comical mix of Brian’s lame attempts to impress Melissa, and her reactions to them, which are pretty priceless. However, even Melissa didn’t think about the repercussions, like one of her 13,000 followers uploading his IMDB page to her twitter account revealing all of his info.  While I find the entire situation deliciously funny, there is a certain sadness to it.  Brian has a hell of a situation to come home to, like his wife of 10 years and their two children.  Then again, when you tell the model beside you that you wear a wedding ring just because you like it and then proceed to take off the wedding ring, you get what you deserve.

Our Zero of the week?  Brian Presley.  And any married people thinking that the good old days of an easy fling were still available to you, think again.

However, check out the tweets. They are priceless.



And the plot thickens!  Brian has finally responded with a facebook post. I don’t believe him (her tweets seem too authentic) but like any guy caught in a jam, just declare your Godliness and you’re halfway home.



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