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Is a Destination Wedding the New Black?


Summer is officially upon us.  And besides barbecues, poolside margaritas, and working on my tan, summer wouldn’t be the same without a wedding. Is anyone making a packing list and also on the prowl for an appropriate dress to wear, or is it just me?  I’m so excited because as I write this I’m making my packing list for my first trip to South America.  This is the most exotic wedding location I’ve ever been to. Ecuador, here we come! (hint, that’s the Ecuadorian flag to your right).

As a woman who has done some serious bridesmaid duty in her life, I’m a big fan of weddings; booze, dancing, old friends, new friends, and a reason to buy a new outfit – hells yeah.  I think weddings are a blast, and getting to go to a part of the world I’ve never seen before is a major bonus.  I feel like I’m going on vacation with organized partying thrown in.  I love to travel, so traveling for a wedding is great, but it can be a lot of effort and expense.  Of course it is nothing compared to the effort and expense of throwing a wedding.  I wonder, what is easier, planning a traditional wedding or a destination wedding?  I’ve heard of people having their wedding at all-inclusive packages in Mexico, on the beaches of Hawaii, on tropical islands, and I even knew a woman who got married in Rome, by the Pope (I guess he does mass ceremonies so hundreds of people can be married by him).  Who doesn’t want to have a Roman Holiday? Though on the flip side, do you give us some of the personalization when you have your wedding at an all inclusive? Also, because it’s a major investment in airline tickets, additional time off (and in the case of the wedding I’m going to, I’ve been told not to drink the water in Ecuador), many people you care about might not be able to attend a destination wedding. Along with a new dress, I’ve also invested in anti-diarrhea pills and antibiotics. I’m not complaining, I’ve considered bottling their water to drink on my return so I can quickly lose that extra “vacation weight.”  Okay, not really, but maybe I thought about it for a minute.

Since most of my friends don’t live in the city they grew up in, does having a wedding at “home”, where neither the bride nor groom live, count as a destination wedding? This wedding I’m attending it just that.  It’s in the bride’s hometown. So for her, it wouldn’t be a destination wedding, but for most of her guests, it is. As people wait until later in life to get married, the notion of having a wedding in your hometown gets a little fuzzy.

I’m not married and have never planned a wedding.  From what I’ve seen (and gleaned from TLC programming),  it’s an all-encompassing endeavor; from seating arrangements to music, from location to food choice, this seems like a full-time job.  Is this made easier at a foreign location?  Who is it easier for?  I’m curious.

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