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Miss Piggy – My Hero


 I love The Muppets. Always have, always will. I love them all, and their movies, and their silliness, and their clever humor.  (Check out the Muppet/Saw trailer mashup for why the Muppet creators are brilliant).  I love Kermit, Ralph, Fozzie – the whole gang. My sister and I had the soundtrack to The Muppet Movie that we played so much and so often, that we killed that little cassette tape. I won’t even go into how amazing The Great Muppet Caper is – I’m just saying in a world where sequels suck – Muppet Caper kicks ass. Maybe Charles Grodin’s best film. But I have to admit, as a little girl, Miss Piggy often confused me. I found her overbearing, and well, a bit of a bitch. But I realize now, I was just too young and naive to fully grasp the awesomeness of Miss Piggy. Up until that time, every female hero I’d seen in cartoons and movies were sweet, kind, and talked in a sing-song voice. You know… the Disney princess type. And we all know my opinion on the Disney princesses. I didn’t realize then that Miss Piggy didn’t give a shit. She was her own person (muppet), with her own views, and she didn’t need to be continuously nice.

As a woman, I LOVE Miss Piggy. Here is a pig, yes, a pig, that has the greatest self-confidence, bravado, attitude and style. I mean, she was the first children’s puppet who loved diamonds.  We live in a world where women with body issues is just the norm, and back in the 80’s here was a pig telling everyone she was fierce. Looking back, Miss Piggy is and always has been a feminist. Maybe Miss Piggy isn’t perfect. She definitely has some anger management issues, and maybe she would have a few assault and battery charges if Muppets ever pressed charges. And I hear people saying that Miss Piggy is just a male puppeteer with his hand up her dress, and that her look/performance is like that of a drag queen – to that I say, shut it.

So with Thanksgiving upon us, my advice is after the turkey, the massive eating, the beer, the football, and the shopping madness on Friday – go enjoy something wonderful. Something the whole family will enjoy: The Muppets.

p.s. Thank you Jason Segal.



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  1. November 23, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    Thank god for You Tube. We showed the kids some clips with the Chef, the Professor and Beaker. Classic!

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