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My kind of health care


So often when we turn on the news, pick up a newspaper or hop on our favorite new website, what we read is dominated by death, destruction or depravity and it can be downright depressing. And so, whenever we come across some good news in the news, we at The Zeros Before The One like to highlight it.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, but is it possible the same might be said of chocolate? A Swedish study conducted in 2009 showed that women who eat one or two pieces of dark chocolate each week appear to have fewer heart attacks. Over the past few years I’ve heard variations of this report touting the benefits of eating small amounts of very dark chocolate. Which is nice and all, but let’s face it… though the occasional piece of 85% cacao chocolate can be lovely, that’s not exactly the kind of chocolate most of us really crave. As much as I like dark chocolate, when I feel the need for some chocolate it’s really more of the rich, creamy, sugary, fatty kind. There’s something so deeply satisfying about eating really rich milk chocolate that it can feel almost therapeutic. As a Harry Potter fan, one of my favorite details in the books is that a person suffering the crippling despair caused by coming in contact with a Dementor (creatures that suck out all your happiness and make you relive your worst memories), need only to eat a good piece of chocolate in order to regain their joy. That J. K. is a wise woman.

Now there’s some new research from the University of Cambridge to put a smile on the face of all of us chocolate lovers. According the recent article in the New York Times about the study, the Cambridge research shows that potential health benefits from the consumption of chocolate include “lower rates of stroke, coronary disease, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions”, and though dark chocolate is the most ‘healthy’, health benefits can still be had from the milky, creamy variety. Granted, the study does not advocate unrestrained, gluttonous consumption of candy bars – chocolate is high in calories and fat, after all – but isn’t it nice to know that moderate consumption of something that tastes so good, and makes you feel so good when you’re eating it, can actually be good for you?

So pardon me while I go eat a piece of sea-salt infused milk chocolate. You know… for my health.


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  1. June 21, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Myabe I am fortunate but I prefer the dark chocolate over milk – though I never refuse a tasty morsel of milk chocolate either. And at the end of the day, and just as you say, regardless if the Swedes say this or the Cambridge scientists say that – a little but of what relaxes you and makes you happy is always going to be beneficial to your health.

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