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Our 100th Post!



When TV shows reach their 100th episode, they usually celebrate with the ultimate in lazy programming… the clip show. Unfortunately since we’re a blog, we don’t really have that option. Excerpts from various posts would, sadly, be totally unreadable. Damn.

We’ve definitely learned a few things over the last 100 posts. For example, if you want to get hits on an article, find a way to mention Jason Statham. And/or blowjobs.

And so, on the occasion of our 100th post, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers for being so awesome and responsive – all of your feedback, dating questions and comments mean a lot to us (yes even the snarky ones). Keep up the good work! And we’d especially like to thank our contributing writers Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Clara Bijl, Anna Keizer and Mr Anonymous for being the rock stars that they are.

We’d also like to extend an invitation to all of our readers; we’re always on the lookout for a fresh perspective, so if you’re interested in becoming a guest writer please email us at mail@thezerosbeforetheone.com. Speaking of fresh perspective… make sure you check us out tomorrow. We’re featuring a counterpoint to Claudia’s WTF article from last Friday written by a guy who has a few opinions on the matter…


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