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Reasons Why Not to Leave a Negative Yelp Review and Avoid the Wrath of Angry Hairdressers….


Some of you may remember several posts I’ve written about the bizarro aftermath of a less than glowing review I wrote on Yelp! of a hairdresser that cut my hair.
If you missed it or need a refresher, it went a little something like this:
Chapter 1. I wrote an unflattering review (excerpt:  What I didn’t like was the most aggressive, violent hair-washing I’ve ever experienced. I feel like I got head raped.  Then came the blowdry –  he used 2 hairdryers at once, and I thought my ears were going to melt off…All the while, he was  rather revealing about his personal life.)

Chapter 2.  A girl that was dating him emailed me wanting to know what he’d said during my appointment, since I mentioned he was rather revealing about his personal life (I amended this in my review because I initially wrote ‘I feel sorry for any woman dating this man, let alone the 3 he told me very intimate details of their life’). I soon realized this was harsh (and had me dealing with his girlfriends) and so abbreviated it.

Chapter 3. Then Mr. Creepy Hairdresser (my name for him, since my preservation instinct says I shouldn’t completely out this guy) emailed me through Yelp! to harass and annoy me. First he threatened to get a lawyer because what I wrote was defamatory, and then he just begged for me to be nice and take it down.

But Yelp is site for reviews, not an advertising site. That’s the whole point of Yelp. It is all about people’s opinions. Even the most popular of restaurants in town have a few negative reviews and anyone who uses Yelp knows to take the raves and the pans with a grain of salt. I decided to leave the review up, and that’s where the last blogs on the subject ended. But, wait, there’s more…

Chapter 4. Another woman wrote an unflattering review that was very similar to mine. See! I wasn’t crazy or a bitch. This guy has all 5 star reviews except for this chick and myself. I felt vindicated. Then she emailed me and we compared our experience. I asked her if he had emailed her to take down her review since I thought it was much more damaging than mine.  You be the judge – here is her review:

“I have been to xxx three times.  His hair cuts went from an amazing first one, to a mediocre second one, to a fair last one.  He talks too much about his personal life and does not pay attention to your hair.  Especially if he likes you!  He asked me out several times!  So inappropriate and creepy when you are sitting in his remote Hollywood hills house with no escape in sight.  I have had $50 haircuts that are far superior.  I always tell him to go soft on my head and he yanks my hair so much that I invariably have a migraine by the time I am done.  He has no professionalism and does not know appropriate boundaries.  I gave him 3 stars instead of 1 only because that first hair cut was fabulous.  Too bad the other two sucked and too bad he is a creep.  I initially had given him 3 stars for a decent first hair cut.  But then he insinuated I was his girlfriend and that is mere fantasy.  This is a sick, depraved man.  Beware!”

She told me that he hasn’t contacted her, and I assumed it was old news now and completely over. Nope, not over. Apparently Mr. Creepy Hairdresser has no intention of letting this go.

Chapter 5.  Mr. Creepy Hairdresser is now leaving semi-bizarre comments on his bad reviews (mine and the other chick)  Yesterday, he left this comment on my review:
Comment from XXX: Another funny review here , you never even had a appointment with me , ha , I think it is ridiculous that u have nothing better else to do with you time than to discredit me for no reason….unnecessary lies….U should try to be more positive , and find better things to do with your time……for example read all my other reviews and you will see yours is so silly :)

Really? Now I never even had an appointment?  At least be consistent creeper.  Once again, I should let it go, but I can’t, because he’s pissed me off. It’s one thing to threaten me, or even annoy me, but it’s another thing to call me a liar. And he’s really calling me a pathetic liar since I’m apparently making up lies on Yelp! about fictional hair appointments. Unfortunately  Yelp! asks you if you want to update your original review. Well yes, yes I do.  I left the following on his page. (It’s now the first thing that comes up when you find his salon).

Wow, this is getting ridiculous. Since I wrote this review, XXX has sent harassing emails to me and now has written a comment that I never even got a hair cut from him. I’m so annoyed I just want to take it down, except that’s what he wants. I wonder if he only has good reviews because he has harassed/stalked the crap out of anyone that didn’t give him 5 stars.  This is what he’s sent me “And your verbal abuse and your nasty message to destroy my business was a mistake …..I have your number …..because of the way you wrote this .my attorney will be in touch with you for defamatory …..remove this immediatley or you will be in big big trouble….

I guess I didn’t get scared with “big, big trouble” since I haven’t had someone threaten me with that since the 3rd grade.  

Good luck XXX.

I’m starting to regret getting involved in this again, but well, I have some time on my hands and he’s a douchebag, so I’m fine with it. Then someone emailed me that he left a weird comment on the other chick that left a bad review. Is this getting confusing, because I’m getting confused too? This is Mr. Creepy Hairdresser’s other comment on the other bad review:

XXX’s response: Haha this is soo funny no other than my ex would write this silly review …..so we are clear i do not ask my clients out and I am very professional …..if your second hair cut was not up to your standards why would you come back for a third ….you should read all my other reviews and see who is telling the truth , then you will understand this was completely uncalled for…..And yes i do have a girlfriend :)

So the only women who write bad reviews are angry ex’s and deranged, bored girls. I’m sort of amazed at Mr. Creepy Hairdresser’s chutzpah. He does not give up. First came the weird, legal-threatening, creepy email.  Then came the sad, I’m just a poor guy trying to earn a buck email, and now I just made it all up and didn’t even go to his salon and the other bad-review girl is a bitter ex. What is a little funny to me is that he starts his comments with ‘haha..sooo funny, no another review…” when he’s obviously not laughing about this. I can’t even imagine how he reacts to real conflict in his life.

In fact, he might be moving from douchy to scary. But this is where the story ends…. for now.


6 Responses to “Reasons Why Not to Leave a Negative Yelp Review and Avoid the Wrath of Angry Hairdressers….”

  1. August 25, 2011 at 11:13 am

    AMAZING! What an insane creep!! If he had 1/2 a brain, he would disable his Yelp page completely (if that’s possible.) Have you thought about notifying the authorities? Being that this is a home-based business, it’s beginning to sound dangerous for any woman to go there alone.

  2. August 25, 2011 at 11:13 am

    I think it is very smart of you to document all of this. I can’t believe this guy is such a passive agressive creeper. Furthermore, I can’t believe that other lady went back three times…yikes!

  3. August 25, 2011 at 11:16 am

    I love the desperate, semi-threatening, completely groveling comments/replies I get from establishments for which I’ve posted negative reviews. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but that makes it well worth the effort to be honest in my reviews.

    I also love the blanched expression when the owner/manager sees that Yelp is open on my iPhone ;-) Does that make me a sadist?

  4. Claudia Maittlen-Harris August 25, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Mr. Creepy Hairdresser just emailed me AGAIN today! This never ends. Now he is super apologetic. He’s kind of bipolar in this responses – either attacking, joking or apologizing. I think I’m up for attacking next.

  5. Claudia Maittlen-Harris August 25, 2011 at 4:44 pm
  6. June 2, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    I recently deleted my yelp profile due to the harassment I received from people from reviews I wrote back in 2006 and 2007.

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