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Sex Toys, Tupperware Parties & Getting Your 50 Shades of Grey On


I’m a member of a book club, a women’s potluck group, and a “ladies club” where each month the host decides our activity (ex. bowling, wine tasting, clothes swap, etc). So I consider myself fairly covered in a planned girls night out.  So I was totally unprepared, but awesomely surprised, when a friend threw me a surprise sex toy birthday party.  It’s like the tupperware parties of our parents’ generation, except you are persuaded to buy vibrators, nipple toys and sex swings rather than cool tupperware.  Our host gave a fun, revealing presentation and happily explained the latest in vibrators, lube, and also gave helpful tips for orgasm and arousal.  I have to say – it was really fun.  You definitely get to know your girlfriends better when you pass around an array of dildo’s and discuss which one you prefer.

This was pre “50 Shades of Grey”, but ever since Christian Grey introduced Anastastia Steele to his red room of pain, women are purchasing sex toys more than ever before. Thank you E.L . James?  Luckily the people at Adam & Eve totally have you covered. Thanks guys!

I think it’s fair to say that women don’t often discuss the nitty-gritty details with each other.  Wait, I take that back.  Women talk about their love lives and sex in detail, but discussing vibrators and sex toys is often rare and vague at best.  It tends to turn women into geishas, covering their mouths and giggling profusely.

Which is what was great about the sex toy party.  With a representative to go through and explain each product, (and often her own personal experience with the products) our group of women really started to ask some revealing questions. All sorts of stories about size came up (sorry guys, it does), and then from greatest night of sex ever or worst experience ever are shared and laughed about.  In the moment, awkward sex is horrible. But if it can be rehashed over wine, cheese and vibrator sales pitches, it’s hilarious.

Maybe the thing about the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon is that if women weren’t directly talking about kinky sex, sex toys, and what turned them on, they are were definitely into reading about it and making specific purchases.  The night of my sex toy party (that sounds a little creepy, but it was pretty g-rated minus a row of vibrators on my friend’s coffee table), it was interesting to see what women were most interested in.  I’d say every woman there was curious about the remote controlled vibrating panties. They are exactly what they sound like: a pair of panties with a built-in small vibrator.  The remote control can be held by the woman or whomever she chooses to give it to (choose wisely ladies), and the remote activates the “10 pulse-pounding functions” from up to 80 feet away.  There was something sexy yet naughty and a little dangerous about being completely out of control about what was happening in your panties to this group.

Surprisingly, women didn’t seem to want vibrators that looked like penises.  Those big, fleshy-looking penis vibrators were off-putting to everyone at my sex toy party.  Personally, they seem a little agressive.  We all preferred pink or purple plastic items overly the big and fleshy.  In my experience (I have since been to 2 sex toy parties) if the women wanted a penis, then an actual penis was in order.  Otherwise, a smaller plastic, vibrator was the choice. Women aren’t really into fooling themselves that it’s the real thing.  Then again, they are always selling them, so some women out there are.

If you are interested in a little something extra under the tree this year (you can go subtle or totally reenact entire bondage scenes  from 50 Shades) but don’t want to have to been seen going to a sex shop, check out Adam&Eve, who brought you today’s article . And since it’s the season for giving, you’ll be happy to know that Adam&Eve are committed to public service.  They actively donate to local charities, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Relay for Life and the Special Olympics. In addition, their donations through DKT International provide funding for family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention around the world. Get off and help your community!  It’s a win-win.

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