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Slyly Romantic


How is it almost Valentine’s Day again?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was offering up anti-Valentine’s Day ideas?  Yet, like a persistent ex-Zero, it’s reared its ugly head again.  It’s all hearts and flowers and chocolates.  Well, okay, I like chocolates.  However, I don’t much care for stereotypes.  I’m not a hearts and flowers kind of girl.  Which puts me in a bit of a pickle: how do I celebrate a romantic holiday without getting all sappy?  My guy is more of a horror/sci fi guy, anyway, so it would be a little bit like pulling teeth to get him to watch a hardcore love story.

However, there are some movies that have more of a subtle romance.  One needn’t watch THE NOTEBOOK to get their dose of love story.  Don’t believe me?  Check these out.

1. Crazy, Stupid, Love.
It’s the perfect romantic movie that can be enjoyed by romantics and skeptics alike.  Ladies, you get to admire a shirtless Ryan Gosling flirt with a too-cute Emma Stone.  For the guys, there’s the male bonding between Gosling and Steve Carrell.  And the great acting and snappy dialogue?  Well, that can be enjoyed by everyone.

2. Good Will Hunting
The movie that made Matt Damon and Ben Affleck stars is also a good choice for a stay-at-home date night.  The sweet and tender romance between Damon’s Will and Minnie Driver’s Skyler is second only to the intense bromance between Will and Ben Affleck’s Chuckie.  It’s easy to appreciate the male camaraderie while enjoying the rich girl-poor boy love story.  And who doesn’t love a Boston accent?

3. Paranormal Activity
Yes, it’s a haunted house story.  However, it’s a haunted house story about a couple and how the entity affects their lives and their relationship.  The couple, Katie and Micah, is forced to battle with the supernatural in a fight for their lives and their sanity.  However, throughout the movie, they are depicted as a couple that really loves each other and that would do anything for each other. The fact that Micah doesn’t run for the hills the minute he finds out that Katie may or may not have a demon after her shows a strength of character and a strong romantic relationship that you don’t often see in horror movies.  Yeah, it doesn’t end well, but sometimes love stories don’t.

4. The Town
Another Ben Affleck film on the list, this one a directing as well as an acting effort.  It’s a story about Boston bank robbers and darling Ben plays the one that wants to go straight.  Along the way he meets a beautiful girl and gets caught up further in his life of crime.  There’s a great love story and an even better heist movie in there.  Perfect for couples.

5. Superbad
It’s rude, it’s crude and it’s hilarious.  It’s also got one of the best bromances ever committed to film.  Seth and Evan (Jonah Hill and Michael Cera) are high school best buddies that would do anything for each other.  Even step aside so the other one can hook up with the girl of his dreams.  It’ll take you back to the good parts of high school.  And that’s pretty hard to do.


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  1. February 9, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    ‘Rushmore’ has always struck me as a great go-to for a slyly romantic film, especially when I was young and conniving.

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