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Some Beauty Tips from Lo Bosworth!



The Lo Down

I must admit, I wasn’t a huge Laguna Beach or The Hills fan. But I’ve always liked Lauren Conrad’s style and business savvy. And I appreciated how Lo Bosworth was able to be on two such huge, catty, crazy reality shows and fly under the radar from the drama (she had to work with Spencer and Heidi after all). So what is Lo Bosworth up to these days? Actually, some cool stuff. She finished culinary school, is a chef and runs a lifestyle website. I know, I know… how many lifestyle websites do we need?

I’m actually fine with them – whichever gives me good info about things that don’t cost the equivalent of a car, and that I might use is a winner to me. And Lo hits all of these requirements! So I have to endorse Lo’s website and YouTube channel, The Lo Down.

Long story short, I ended up asking Lo a few questions on HuffPost Live this week. Check it out below. But my new favorite thing is Lo’s eyebrows and her helpful eyebrow tutorial video. I highly recommend it!



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