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The Academy’s biggest blunders; which was the least deserved Oscar?


The general consensus is that Ben Affleck should win the Academy Award for Best Director for his film Argo this Sunday. After all, the film is up for Best Picture, the film nabbed the top prize from SAG, the Producers Guild and the BAFTAs, and Affleck has been awarded Best Director by the Director’s Guild. The only problem… he isn’t even nominated.

Clearly the Academy blundered on this one, and much has been made of the omission of Affleck from the list of Academy Award nominated directors, but should anyone be surprised? As we watch the Academy Awards this Sunday we should remember how often they get it wrong – so often, in fact, that the real fuss should be made when they actually get it right.

urlThis is not a new thing. The Oscar has gone to the wrong person or film almost since the award show’s beginning – in 1941 How Green Was My Valley beat Citizen Kane for Best Picture. Ridiculous. In 1950 the Best Actress award went to Judy Holliday – which doesn’t seem so bad because Born Yesterday was a fun movie and she was really adorable in it – until you realize that this was the same year that Bette Davis was up for All About Eve and Gloria Swanson was up for Sunset Blvd. And the Academy has been getting it wrong ever since.

imgresAffleck shouldn’t feel so bad. Argo will probably win a number of awards, and when it comes to being snubbed by the Academy, he’s in really good company; neither Alfred Hitchcock nor Stanley Kubrick ever won for Best Director. Hell, in 1990 Kevin Costner beat Martin Scorsese for the Oscar.



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One Response to “The Academy’s biggest blunders; which was the least deserved Oscar?”

  1. Claudia Maittlen-Harris February 22, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    I’m so torn. I’m still mad about Gwyneth beating Kate, but “Save Me” losing was equally as painful. And I can’t even hear about Crash beating Brokeback Mountain. As far as I’m concerned, that didn’t happen.

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