We dated the Zeros… so you don’t have to.


The Best of 2014!


The bestIt wouldn’t be the end of the year without a wrap-up of 2014 highlights. I’ve taken the best articles (either by amount of views or comments) and linked them here. Just in case you missed them, here’s the best of The Zeros Before the One 2014! Enjoy:)


Tinder Date Surprise! An Old Flame Returns

Are You a Wingman or a Cockblocker?

5 Movie Romances That Would Never Work

The Accidentally-On-Purpose Text Message

What Women Wish Men Understood About Popping the Question

Does Your Relationship Have the Awesomeness Factor?

What Do Serial Killers and Fat Girls Have in Common?

Are We All Being Catfished Without Realizing it?

Why You Should Be a Picky Bitch

Sex or No Sex Before the Big Game?

The Bachelorette – What Would Jane Austen Say?










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