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The postgame wrap-up: why do we watch the Super Bowl?


Yesterday millions of Americas (and about 6 Canadians) parked themselves in front of the TV to watch the Super Bowl. I was not one of them. Why not? As I’ve mentioned before, my guy absolutely hates professional sports. Despises them. He lumps all professional sports (and even the Olympic games) into what he derisively calls ‘sportsballs’. For example, the time we were driving around town doing some errands and I remembered the World Cup was on and decided I wanted to listen to it and my guy looked at me and said “Megan, why are there sportsballs on my radio?” I haven’t been to a Super Bowl party or watched any of the games in the past five years… the exact amount of time I have known my husband.

Instead, we have our own Super Bowl tradition. It turns out that Super Bowl day is a great day to do things that you normally avoid because of crowds. One year we went to Magic Mountain and, once the game started, we had the place pretty much to ourselves – we went on so many rides that we literally made ourselves sick. It was awesome.

In general I love being with a guy who knows less about sports than I do. Normally I’m very content (and a little smug) about having a guy who’s perfectly happy to spend his Sundays walking around a farmer’s market, but this year was the first time I actually felt like I might be missing out on something.

I grew up in a football-watching house, specifically a huge 49ers-watching house. My sister and father watched every 49er game together, and my grandfather was notorious for throwing his shoes at the TV when a call went against them. Since the 49ers were in the game this year I actually thought, for old times sake, about watching. For about a minute. But it was way too nice a day, so instead we took a long walk and then went to Sur La Table at the Americana mall to check out a new espresso maker.

Did I miss out? Americans celebrate Super Bowl Sunday as though it was a national holiday. Obviously for the fans of two teams playing, it is an epically exciting event. But for everyone else… either it is the love of the game, the half-time show, the commercials, or just an excuse to get together with friends. It seems like there’s something for everyone. Everyone except my husband.

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Big shout out to our dear friend John Livingston, an awesome dad in real life who played the awesome dad in the Hyundai Super Bowl ad ‘Epic Playdate’.


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