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To Bachelor or Not To Bachelor….


As ABC’s tired, but addicting “The Bachelor” wraps up another season of quickie romances with pretend notions of marriage and forever, I started to think about the final three girls left. Is one of them thinking, this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with? You can date someone for years and that question can still be terrifying.  Ben is down to the final three: Sweet Lindzi, Spunky Nikki, and seemingly psycho Courtney (although she seemed a lot better at home last week).  I’d lay money that he picks Courtney.  At this point, Courtney is the hottest, probably who Ben is the most attracted to, and the most likely to have slept with him.  Yet, either of the other women seem like a better choice – I’m starting to root for Nikki because Lindzi is too boring and her name is spelled so badly.


But I was reminded of the interview we did last year of an ex-Bachelor contestant, and something I’ll never forget she said.

What would be your advice to women currently on the Bachelor or considering auditioning for the Bachelor?  You have to go in with a mindset that you’ll be dating the same guy as your friends.  You shut your heart off for a while, but by the time you get to the final four, it’s really developing into something.  

“Go in with a mindset that you’ll be dating the same guy as your friends.”  Now granted they aren’t your best friends.  They aren’t the women who would be your bridesmaids, or the girls you call the most.  But friendships develop and despite that you still all kiss the same guy at the end of the night.  This seems horrible – even more so than endless filmed makeout sessions and excessive bikini time.

And our ex-contestant also said this:

Do you recommend The Bachelor to other women? If you’re looking for ‘the one’, then no.  But if you’re open to the possibility of meeting someone who could become the one, then yes.  It’s really more focused on the women but in time you grow to care about this guy.

So is it really more of an experience? A reality tv escapade – and one that doesn’t involve drinking donkey sperm or living on a island and eating bugs?  Instead the only real damage may be to your ego and if you go far enough a couple of kick-ass stamps in your passport.  Maybe it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea?  So here  is my question.  If you were single, in your 20’s and open to random possibilities…Would You Go on The Bachelor?


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