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Top 10 Texting Rules While Dating


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Everyone thinks they are good at texting, but it’s much like no one thinks they’re cheap or bad in bed, yet everyone knows many people who are. Do the math. Some people suck at texting in the initial dating phase. Partly it’s because communication is much better in person. Tone, voice, facial gestures, nonverbal clues, etc. go out the window when text is your only form of communication. And unfortunately, both texts and emails are very literal. That’s why when someone texts or emails in all CAPS, it feels like they are yelling at us. Here are some helpful texting guidelines in the early dating stages.


1. Be brief.

2. In your brevity, be funny or witty.

3. While being brief, funny and witty, you should also relay some pertinent information.

4. While being brief, funny, witty, and informative, the response should be timely.

5. Because the words in texts don’t express emotion, be brief, funny, witty, and informative quickly, but use an emoticon or two so you don’t come across as bitchy, bossy or weird. Sure, emoticons can be a little tweenish, but it’s usually better to be slightly juvenile than totally bitchy.

6. Remember there is no sarcasm font; so tread lightly when it comes to jokes or harsh-sounding statements (but seriously, can someone please develop the sarcasm font app?)

7. When in doubt, an exclamation point, LOL or smiley face will get you out of almost anything (almost).

8. Ease up on excessive emoticons or emoji. Yes, this does seem to contradict rule 5, but too many gets ridiculous and you’ll seem like a 12-year old girl. Conversely, be a little aware of men that emoji too much. I’m not saying I haven’t sent a fair amount of thumbs up, flamenco dancers or piles of poop with googly eyes in my time but less is more when you barely know someone.

9. Just like the age old rule of the telephone, get off first. Make sure he’s the one to send the last text so you’re not left hanging. This is hard to gauge, but if you’re even thinking the text conversation has lingered too long, put the phone down.

10. Don’t text other guys when you’re with a guy. It’s bad karma and the Golden Rule applies everywhere, even on the googlewebs.

P.S. If you’re receiving dick pics, step away from your phone.

Good luck and Keep Calm and Text On!


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