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Top 10 Things That Are More Fun with Your Girlfriends


If there’s one song that always gets stuck in my head, it’s Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”  I’m not even sure I like that song.  All I know is that if I hear it once, it’s playing in my mind for the rest of the day.  I think that Bey got the catchy melody part of the song right, but may have missed the message a bit.  Having a man can be terrific and, sure, if he likes it then he may want to consider putting a ring on it.  But no man (or ring) is ever a substitute for your girlfriends.  They were there before the guy and I’d wager that they’ll be there after him, too.

Ladies, I totally understand.  Sometimes it’s fun to have a guy in your life, even when he isn’t Mr. Right.  It’s nice to have someone to hold your hand or snuggle up with on a rainy night.  However, even Mr. Perfect for Right Now isn’t always the best companion.  Do you think he really understands the whole Big vs. Aidan debate that rages among “Sex and the City” fans (PS Team Big)?  Not even a little.  In fact, I’d argue that he probably doesn’t “get” a lot of things.  Nothing against the men of the world, but here are ten things that are just plain better with your girls.

1)     Reality Television

I’m not necessarily talking about American Idol or Survivor.  Everyone can get into those.  But, chances are, your man probably doesn’t understand the guilty pleasure of “Say Yes to the Dress” or “Jersey Shore.”  Drunken bar fights among people that act like they’re in junior high and wedding dress shopping?  I can see his eyes glazing over from here.

2)     Romantic Comedies

Likewise, he’s probably not going to understand the appeal of beloved romantic comedies like “When Harry Met Sally” or “Legally Blonde.”  Want to check out “No Strings Attached”?  Better bring one of your girlfriends or be prepared to suffer through two hours of sighing and bored eye-rolls.  Guys just don’t understand the appeal of the rom-com.  Yes, gentlemen, we know that “No Strings Attached” isn’t going to be great and should probably come with a side of crackers.  Yes, we know that Natalie Portman’s superior performance was in “Black Swan.”  Guess what?  We don’t care!  We want to see something that we already know the ending to.  We want to fall into that magically perfect romantic world where people always know the right things to say and everyone lives happily ever after.  And we’re totally going to make fun of it in the end.  That doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy it.  We totally enjoyed it.  We’ll just never admit it.

3)     Bars/Nightclubs

Admittedly, it’s fun to have a boy to occasionally dance with and maybe buy you a couple of drinks.  But you know what else is fun?  Flirting and dancing to cheese-tastic music like “Baby Got Back” without worrying about looking sexy to impress your date.  And let’s not forget the group trips to the bathroom to touch up your make-up and exchange notes about other barflies.

4)     Shopping

I know this one seems obvious, but let’s take a minute to remember just how much better shopping is with your girlfriends.  Once he gets over the shock that clothes actually need to be tried on before you can purchase them, your guy is still never going to tell you if you look terrible in a certain outfit.  How could he?  It would be a complete violation of the boyfriend code.    Your girls, on the other hand, can (and will) say “Oh, honey, no” thus saving you from the horrible atrocity of the harem pant.

5)     Binge Eating

Ice cream? Check.  Chocolate chip cookie dough?  Check.  Sour cream and onion chips?  Check.  It’s very un-PC of me to suggest that women can’t, or don’t, pig out in front of men but sometimes it’s easier to let it all hang out when you aren’t concerned with trying to look “cute.”  I’m not saying that binge eating should be an everyday activity, but when you do it treat it like you would any type of “private time.”  Turn the lights down low, light some candles…heck, take the cookie dough into the bathtub if that’s your thing!  Men wouldn’t understand the appeal of the foodie equivalent of “I’mma Do Me” but women certainly do.

6)     Gossip

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but guys don’t care about the latest exploits of LiLo or how many kids Brangelina have.  He also doesn’t care what the girl who works in the next cubicle was wearing, even if it was obviously the same outfit she wore to the club the night before.  You know who does, though?  Your girlfriends!  My friend and I spent most of our Sunday morning hike discussing which celebs would look the most insane at the Oscars.  A guy?  Would have died of boredom.

7)     Exercise

Speaking of Sunday morning hikes, that’s another thing that’s better with your girlfriends: exercise.  Oh, men like to get their fitness on, no doubt.  It’s just that they seem to prefer competitive, contact sports.  And how are you going to talk about last week’s episode of “Mad Men” when you’re supposed to be actively attempting to pummel your opponent into submission?  I guess it goes without saying that numbers 6 and 7 go hand in hand.

8)     Spa Days

Picture it: you’re at home with your beloved.  You turn to him and say: “Gee, honey, wouldn’t it be fun if we went to a place where we would pay a lot of money to have strangers rub our bodies, sit in mud and have vegetables placed over our eyes?”  Prepare to be a) laughed at or b) gaped at in horror.  Spa days, like designer handbags and stiletto heels, are something that most men just don’t understand.

9)     The Pre-Game

My sister and I were just discussing this the other day.  Sometimes it’s more fun to get ready to go out than to actually go out.  You and your friends are putting on sparkly dresses, styling your hair and applying make-up, all while listening to some catchy pop tunes.  Girl bonding at its best!  Unless your man is of the “GTL” variety, chances are his idea of “getting ready” involves some mouthwash and a fresh shirt.

10)  Sex Shops

Okay, maybe you’re not going to be using anything from the pleasure chest with your girlfriends, but there’s nothing more fun than taking a little trip to your local XXX store with them.  You can compare notes, swap secrets and possibly be talked into making a purchase that you never would have considered.  And then who wins?  Your man!  Just tell him: you’re welcome.  I’m sure he’ll start encouraging you to spend even more time with the girls.


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