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Valentine’s Day: Ditch the Flowers and Find Some Blood Red Inspiration


Another Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  I thought we just did the hearts and flowers deal.

As longtime readers of this blog know, I am not Valentine’s Day’s biggest fan.  Halloween is definitely more up my alley.  However, it’s kind of difficult to avoid the pink hearts and red flowers of Cupid, especially at this time of year.  It seems like everyone is obsessed with love.  If you’re more like me and prefer your romance with a side of carnage, here are some viewing options that may work for you and your lovey-dovey sweetie.  I’ve also included some helpful romantic conversation starters, in case you aren’t exactly sure how to make the connection between warm blood and warm hearts.

1. Dracula
The story that made vampires sexy.  Don’t let the old timey-ness of this story fool you.  It has everything: forbidden love, passionate romance, mystery and blood sucking.  Who could ask for more?  Romantic conversation starter: “Isn’t it nice to see a vampire that doesn’t sparkle?”

2. Roman
Roman is a shy guy who has a crush on his neighbor.  The pretty girl finally gives him the time of day and it seems like things are going well…until they aren’t going so well.  Huh.  Certainly the new pretty female neighbor will work out better! Roman is a dark little movie, but you also wind up really feeling for the main character.  Romantic conversation starter: “If you could only keep one of my body parts, which one would it be?”

3. May
From the people that gave us Roman…actually, May came first and you can clearly see the influences.  Shy loner, girl this time, and the cute boy that she falls for?  Totally romantic…until somebody loses their mind.  Romantic conversation starter: “How many hours a day would you spend stalking me if we didn’t already know each other?”


4. Let The Right One In
Remember your first love?  You knew that it was forever and that no feeling would ever be that intense again.  Well, what if your first love was a vampire? Bonus points for watching the original Swedish version, but the American remake is pretty close to the source material.  Romantic conversation starter: “If I needed to flee in a hurry, would you make sure I was safe?”

5. Bride of Chucky
Come on, it has “bride” right in the title!  What’s more romantic than a wedding?  Well, how about a wedding between two dolls who are inhabited by the spirits of serial killers who had a rather tempestuous relationship when they were alive.  It’s over-the-top, cheesy horror and it knows it.  For real Chucky lovers, Seed of Chucky follows Mr. and Mrs. Into the next phase of their lives.  Romantic conversation starter: “Would you still love me even if I was turned into an ugly doll by an evil gypsy curse?”

And just to remind us that scary movies can totally be romantic, remember what fellow blogger, Juan Carlos Bagnell, wrote in defense of men taking their women to horror/zombie films, “Ladies, take a listen to your man the next time he subjects you to a zombie flick. If he’s amped and excited about all the gore and cannibalism, he might just be looking for some nooky. However, if he starts talking about survival, zombie preparation, and defensibility, play along. It can be a fun game. In his own neolithic way, he could be saying he cares about you and wants to protect you.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the lovers out there.  It doesn’t matter what you love, celebrate it!


Elisabeth Fitzgerald

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