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What Can We Do About the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision?

I’m sure all of you have heard about the recent Supreme Court’s disturbing ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby. Many people are calling for a boycott of the business. It found it so disturbing, in fact, that boycotting Hobby Lobby just doesn’t seem like enough of a statement, not least because I have no idea what Hobby Lobby actually is. I sort of want to boycott the Supreme Court. Is that possible? Sadly not. So I think this justifies a much more radical boycott.

Yes, I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook and the like from women who are also horrified, but so far I’ve seen very few men posting with about the issue with the same outrage (or at all).

Let’s be very very clear. This is not just an issue facing women. Let’s forget, for the moment, the much greater and more important issue at stake here – that according this Supreme(ly stupid) Court a company can claim to have a sincerely held (so damn subjective) religious objection to what medicine a woman can have covered through her health insurance. This is just a hop skip and a jump from justifying a company claiming a sincerely held believe about just about anything – not serving gay people at a restaurant or women who are menstruating or employing unmarried people who live together or anything at all so long as their belief is ‘sincere’. It is insanity! But for a moment, let’s forget all that.

Men should be much more outraged about this ruling if only for the simple fact that, in my experience, most men prefer the feeling of sex without a condom. They should be super invested in women getting the pill. Of course, I am a big advocate of condom use – particularly for anyone having sex in less than committed relationships. Still, many couples chose to use birth control pills as their primary form of contraception and many men are thrilled not to have to use a condom. For these couples, the woman takes all the burden of pregnancy prevention. Not only does she have to go to the doctor, get and fill the prescription, remember to take the damn thing every damn day (which is trickier than it seems), but she also has to pump her body full of hormones which may or may not make her gain weight/have headaches/feel completely crazy.

And now an employer has the right to decide if these pills will be covered by insurance? This is so completely outrageous and sneakily sexist that it makes me want to scream. It should make everyone – male and female – want to scream. But most of the screaming seems to be from the women.

Here’s what I think we should do…. in addition to, you know, actual political activism, I think we – and by we, I mean all sexually active American women who aren’t actively trying to get pregnant- should refuse to have sex without a condom for at least a month. I don’t care if you’re married or single, dating seriously or Tindering (In which case, you should be using a condom regardless). If you don’t want to have a baby right now but do want to have sex, I think we should all take a hiatus from any form of sex that doesn’t involve a condom just so that the men in our lives and beds can fully appreciate that this ruling by the Supreme Court effects everyone.

Oh, and make the guy pay for the damn things. See how he likes it.


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