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What Do Anne Hathaway & The Bachelor Have in Common?


What do ABC’s TV juggernaut/bikini shots galore/fake relationship-starter The Bachelor and Hollywood darling/Catwoman/award winning Anne Hathaway have in common?  To sum it up: insecurity and insincerity.  The latter tends to follow the first, but both descriptions fit.

The other week I wrote about why so many women I know hate Anne Hathaway. The response to this article was shocking. She really gets on women’s nerves, even more than I realized.  Try googling “Anne Hathaway hate” and millions, yes millions, of search results come up. She is everywhere right now as she’s nominated (and keeps winning) for Best Supporting Actress for Les Mis. Maybe the best description for Hathaway’s insincerity came from Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon when he wrote about one of her acceptance speeches, “It was a speech carefully crafted to come off as surprised and humbled, but was instead so carefully rehearsed that it was branded contrived and a tad pretentious.”  He was referring to her Golden Globes speech, but I feel fairly certain all of them fit this description.

How did she go from lovable and dorky in The Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada to being such an insufferable actress? Hathaway so crafts her image with false humility, gushiness, and surprise that her every word and move is annoying and obnoxious.  I honestly believe it is coming from insecurity. I do want to cut her some slack since nothing makes women more insecure than constant scrutiny, endless red carpets, and a need to be perfect.  However the underlying insecurity (maybe she’s a perfectionist, maybe she’s just dorky, maybe she’s fought hard to fit in the Hollywood mold and will do anything and everything to hang on) gives me some sympathy, her insincerity makes any favorable feelings wane.  Instead of a nervous nellie trying hard to fit in, I think Anne Hathaway is more an Eve Harrington (the conniving actress who will stop at nothing to become famous in the film and play All About Eve). She has calculated every move, every outfit, every role, and every speech to ultimately be someone she isn’t.

Similarly, the women of the The Bachelor are a hot mess of insecure and insincere ladies.  While these fifteen women may look hot in varying Bebe dresses and long, beachy waves; they ooze doubt, fear and desperation.  Nothing leaves quite a stink like desperation.  Once again, it’s hard to blame them since they have to sit around a house all day with women they hardly know hoping a guy they perceive to be Prince Charming shows up and takes them on a date.  Honestly, some insecurity is to be expected.  The insincerity, though, is distasteful.  Watching The Bachelor over the years, this trait is easy to spot. Underneath bravado, bitchiness, and falseness is insecurity. When someone is uncomfortable in his or her own skin, it usually manifests in some kind of off-putting behavior. Movies make audiences believe that an insecure girl is the diamond in the rough, the awkward girl in glasses who doesn’t realize her own true worth. But it runs much deeper than that. Find a jealous woman who keeps her guy on a tight leash but lashes out uncontrollably, or turns into a crazy hot mess when she drinks, and you’ll find a freakishly insecure woman (see Stassi on Vanderpump Rules). Sadly if you tell a woman she’s insecure, she reacts as if you called her a fat bitch. The claws come out. Nothing breeds insecurity amongst women like a lot of other sexy women all vying for the same guy.  In this scenario, women turn into vipers. Amongst the weak ones are the insincere beauties that just want camera time, the chance to win, and hopefully end up as the next Bachelorette.

So far, the first nominee for most fake is Tierra.  While her name sounds like someone on “16 and Pregnant,” she’s way ahead of the gang for most hated woman on the show.  Whether it’s random falls, a bitchy face or admitting she wants to marry Sean before meeting him – cause that’s not creepy –  Tierra is the front runner for fakest contestant.

Then there is Kacie B., already dumped on a previous season, but decided to come back for more!  Anyone who comes back on a reality show after one guy dumped her has “hoping to get on Dancing with the Stars” written all over them.

Rounding out the nominees is Amanda.  I can’t tell if she’s trying to give off an indie/cool vibe but instead landed on a weird/bitchy vibe, has a split personality, or is just so unsocial that all she knows how to do is sit in the corner and look creepy until a hot man approaches.  Either way, she makes the other women highly uncomfortable.  I always say to men, beware of the girl all the other girls hate.  Women aren’t always mean, they just have a sixth sense when a woman is false or undermining.  (Hence women’s strong distaste for Anne Hathaway.)  I predict all three women will be out within then next two episodes of The Bachelor, but men (especially the Bachelors) are shockingly indifferent to insincere women.  They signed up for the charade.

Either way, both traits – insecurity and insincerity – are on high display on your televisions and magazine covers these days.  It’s sad.  While the women on The Bachelor display fairly predictable reality TV personalities, Anne Hathaway has no reason to be insecure. She’s winning tons of awards, she’s talented, working at the top of her field, happily married, a stylist’s dream, and a beautiful woman.  If she would relax, calm down her publicity runaway train, and enjoy the ride, we would all enjoy it so much more.



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