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What Do Love and Cocaine Have in Common?



Have You Smoked Crack Cocaine? Falling In Love Is The Same Thing

If you’ve ever cried uncontrollably for days, stalked an ex, done a drive-by of his house, hacked into your guy’s computer/phone/facebook, created a fake facebook profile to follow him on facebook, or employed any other technique usually reserved for stalkers and psychopaths,  just read this article from The Economist and you’ll totally forgive yourself for ever going psycho over a guy.

Science has confirmed that what happens to your brain when you’re in the first rush of love looks a lot like what happens to your brain when you do cocaine. How’s that for validation? Ever considered the ‘rush’ of meeting someone new or the ‘high’ of falling in love? Scientists have and apparently we’re all on brain drugs. This help explains Dr. Drew’s supply of sex addicts on Celebrity Rehab. Move over Michael Douglas, we’ve all been high on love. Simply put, many of the same brain pathways are the same for both falling in love and enjoying a cocaine high. It helps explain why that “say no to drugs” campaign didn’t work out so well. I’d read this years ago and it really helped me understand the multitude of irrational decisions I’d made “for love.” It also explained why lots of women had a Robert Downey Jr. crush.
And get this, after some sweet, lusty sex; chemicals are released in the brain that imitate opiates – much like heroin. This makes me believe if you haven’t been a psycho ex-girlfriend at one point in your life, maybe you weren’t doing it right.
For those of you out there with some embarrassing “psycho ex-girlfriend” behavior in your past, just blame love. It helps when you’re trying to explain that night you picked up a hitchhiker on the way to a drive-by of the guy you believed was cheating (just me?).


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