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What do you wish your 16 year-old self had done differently?


I’m not Facebook friends with very many folk I went to high school with. Partly it is because I’m not a big Facebooker, but mostly it’s because I didn’t have many friends in high school. I’m not claiming that I was a nerd or anything, since now-a-days claiming nerddom is sort of a humble/brag. Nope. People just didn’t like me. I started high school as a cheerleader, was homecoming princess and had a yearbook full of KIT messages. By my senior year, aside from my boyfriend I literally didn’t have one friend. Though my grown-up self now has a slew of wonderful, warm, loving, supportive and hilarious friends, it is still a little painful to think back to my 16 year-old self dreading lunchtime because it meant another hour of sitting by myself while others happily sat with their buddies.

Recently, one of the few high school alums with whom I am connected through Facebook posted this question: what do you wish you had done differently in high school? The responses were fascinating and started a back and forth between a bunch of people that got surprisingly real.

The originator of the question said she wished she had focused more on schoolwork and less on her social life. She followed that comment up saying that it was hard because she had a learning disability. Another woman said she wished she had been more outgoing, but she was really shy in high-school. One of her classmates comment on that, saying that he had no idea she was shy- he always thought she was snobby but now, knowing that she was shy, he felt like a dick for thinking that about her all those years ago. One very honest guy posted that he wished he had been nicer in high school, that he’s always regretted how he behaved and that he didn’t go to his reunion as a result. A few people chimed in to him saying that he wasn’t so bad and should have gone to the reunion, but one guy responded to his comment saying that he’s right, he was a horrible person in high school but clearly he is a different person now and that they should get together for lunch and catch up. Facebook can be used for healing, people. Who knew?

When I asked my guy the question, he very quickly said, “I wish I hadn’t worn those MC Hammer pants that Sunny gave me.” What I wouldn’t give for a picture of that! I too have some past fashion regrets (More in junior high. I rocked some horrifyingly large hair as though I thought I was going to prom every day of the week.), though those errors of style pale in comparison to the fact that I wish I’d nurtured the friendships I once had. You live, you learn.

So I put it to you…

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