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What is Sexy?


Last week I wrote about the random penis that showed up on my phone. Long story short, I received an accidental text of a penis from a stranger – clearly a text that wasn’t intended for me. After lots of hilarious discussions with girlfriends about why anyone would send that, we came to another important point – what woman thinks a penis is sexy to look at?  Really, I’ve never met a woman who wants to look at a photo of a penis. And I’ve met a lot of women.  It is a very real difference between men and women about what they physically find attractive in one another.  Yes, people find things like personality, sense of humor, talent, intelligence, kindness, etc. attractive, but we are talking purely about physical attributes.  While most men probably would love a random photo of boobs or a vagina showing up on their phone, the thought of a lone, stranger’s penis just made every woman I told about my story cringe.  But with summer’s success of Magic Mike and the ogling of the men’s Olympic swim team, what do women find the most physically attractive about men.  I’ve long been an arms fan. I may or may not have been busted for trying to find reasons to touch this guy Blaine’s arm in high school.  I’m not really proud of this, but well, he had great arms.  A man’s physicality helps understand why women like Ryan Lochte. No one wants him to speak, but he can keep his shirt off.  Matthew McConaughey too for that matter.

Maybe you think eyes are a super sexy attribute, but do you want your guy to text you a photo of his eyes to get you in the mood?  Maybe. I’m not judging, I’m just asking.  H&M has unveiled in stores across the country 10-foot statues of David Beckham wearing only his underwear to promote his new underwear line for the chain store. Obviously, even an inanimate statue of a man can work for women.  So we ask, what part of a man’s body is the sexiest to you?


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